And on Caroline Kennedy…

Friday, December 19th, 2008 @ 3:49 pm | Uncategorized

Please go away.


4 Responses to “And on Caroline Kennedy…”

  1. Dana Says:

    Why? She’s at least as qualified as the senator she hopes to replace was when she took office. More, that particular seat has a history of people selected due to their name only: Robert kennedy held that seat from January 3, 1965 until he was assassinated.

    At least Mrs Schlossberg actually lives in New York; her uncle and the current senator in that seat were carpetbaggers.

  2. Thomas Tallis Says:

    Republicans deeply frightened at prospect of a political world without Kennedys/the Boogeyman, stoked for possible extension of dynasty, film at eleven

  3. Jeromy Says:

    Dana: If she were Hillary calibur, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a burning secret by now. If she were as good as Robert Kennedy, I’d like to know. You won’t get anywhere using those names as boogeymen.

    You guys, of course, would elect Jeb Bush in a heartbeat. Guess who succeeded presidential candidate Duncan Hunter? Duncan Hunter Jr.

    I’m just saying I need to hear more, and I’m not impressed with dynasties without concern for quality. Many of the Kennedys have been among our greatest leaders. The Kennedy name even helped Arnold Schwarzenegger be taken seriously as a candidate. I’m afraid their history and name will be so esteemed that it lets her just slide through via some big strings.

  4. Dana Says:

    Robert Kennedy was at least Attorney General for 3½ years when he sought the seat; Hillary Clinton had held no positions of responsibility, and the only executive job she’d ever been given turned out to be experience in failure. Mrs Schlossberg is at least “Hillary caliber,” but hat isn’t saying much, since Mrs Clinton simply isn’t very impressive.

    It really doesn’t matter who Governor Paterson appoints to the position: the appointee will be a liberal Democrat, and thus indistinguishable in reason and voting patterns from Mrs Schlossberg or Mrs Clinton. However, Governor Paterson, while legally blind isn’t totally blind; he can see colors. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he appoints someone with a better tan than Mrs Schlossberg.