National Truancy Day.

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Hey kids! Obama’s making a PSA speech on September 8th about staying in school, serving your country, etc.

The right-wing response? RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are some actual comments from

“When I first read this on Drudge I thought it was a hoax. I cannot believe how this administration is trying to intrude in every aspect of our lives. I guess we now have the perfect excuse to take an extra long holiday weekend. Excellent post.”

“And this is why we homeschooled our kids! I did’nt want Bush, Clinton, Bush directly addressing my kids and if I had kids in school now I would keep them home ! The arrogance of any politician “addressing” children without the parents consent and presence is mind-boggling!”

“Good start — now if everyone would truly take responsibility for their kids and take them out of school not just on Sept 8th, but every day after that, we might actually end up with an educated society!”

“Our country is unrecognizable. I find myself wondering if this is how the Jews felt in Germany in the 1930s.”

“I’m sure his ‘FIRST’ address to school children will be quite subtle and strictly about education but, as I said, it’s his ‘FIRST’ address; The making of precident for future indoctrinations. . He is bringing Hitler and Mao’s tactics upon our children. I am keeping my child at home on that day.

“Now go, run along, and poke your finger into the eye of the true, silent, side-line sitting masters of this whole facade. Keep rousing us to anger and when we’ve finally awoke, say goodbye to your little utopian socialist dreams!”


“This is the first step to getting our children to “like” him so they can turn their parents in to the authorities later. Look at the election…he woed so many with his smooth talk…a child has no defense against his charm. Many teenagers think their parents are clueless as it is…with little effort they would turn on their own parents. The Bible even mentions that children will be disobey their parents.”

“This does not sound like Hitler. It sounds like Stalin.Even more like Mao and Pol Pot.
Children will be pressured to become informers, or will be bullied by mobs of their former friends. Wait for summer training camp for the Young Obamists.”

Pure, unadultered, bat-shit crazy hysteria.

You’d think that sooner or later the Hebrew community would get annoyed by the constant equating of Obama’s agenda to throwing Jews into to ovens at Dachau.


PS> My favorite quote:

carolina gal
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Kids today are a product of the “time out” generation. I feel sorry for our teachers…there are still a few good parents left out there but they are losing all their rearing rights to the government. The government needs to stay away from our children. I don’t want my 5 year old learning about same sex relationships when he should be learning his ABC’s.

I don’t know if this is more a reflection on the school he goes to or the parents but if your kid doesn’t know his ABC’s by the time he’s 5 years old then he’s missed too many days at school already.

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  1. jeromy Says:

    I still can’t figure out what these “tactics of Hitler and Stalin” are supposed to be.

    It’s kind of hard to believe so many Americans can be such blithering fools. They spam Hitler and Stalin references so much that it has to be tactical. But that’s kind of how cults are…the leaders act in order to maximize their own power, the followers just mimic what they’re taught. And somehow, a blatant idiot like Glenn Beck is accumulating followers by trying to be more insane than Limbaugh (and very nearly succeeding).

    But there’s the deal…the leaders are following each other off the cliff. Limbaugh is probably the most cynical among them because he’s the original. Beck is about 80% pure dittohead, 20% showbiz schemer.