Al Franken neutralizes teabaggers.

Friday, September 4th, 2009 @ 11:55 am | Health Care

[youtube SCNs7Zpqo98]

They tried to ambush him and ended up in a sane policy discussion. Beautiful.

Lead the way, Al. Republicans will continue to seek instant gratification by stoking the Beck/Limbaugh nutbase, but it can’t endure if Democrats keep doing this. Keep things sane, keep things rational, and let reality point the way. It’s our current system that is unsustainable and immoral. We must have a better one, and babbling about Nazis is deceitful and obstructive in such a way as to be destructive.


4 Responses to “Al Franken neutralizes teabaggers.”

  1. sg Says:

    Wow! Adult conversation. Not as exciting for them, as you can see some wandering eyes. Go, Al!

  2. Zach Rock Says:

    That was a nice discussion. Good to see some of it is getting covered. Damn hype.

    I like Franken a bit but I was a little disappointed when he would duck questions here and there. I’ve seen a couple other senators and representatives do the same thing and it’s always sad.

  3. jeromy Says:

    I’m not sure which question you think he’s dodging, but if all our Senators could answer questions this thoroughly and thoughtfully, we’d be in a much better position today. People were skeptical about Franken when he ran, but I’d listened to his radio show for the couple years it was on and I knew he had a much more serious policy side than most in Congress.

    Compared with guys like Inhofe and Grassley, Franken is a true statesman.

  4. Zach Rock Says:

    When the woman asked what he personally thought he ducked around that one a little bit and didn’t actually give her the answer she wanted.

    He has been a good senator so far from what I can tell. Let’s hope it stays that way.

    I think one of the reasons that discussion didn’t explode is because he’s an entertainer and knows how to defuse people. It’s nice to see that in this time of news stations bombarding us with people constantly shouting down senators.