Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 @ 7:14 pm | Politics

Can somebody please tell me why the hell we are there, again? Like WWI, I think Afghanistan is going to be one of those long, bloody slogs that in hindsight nobody will be able to explain what the hell we were doing there in the first place.


3 Responses to “Iraqistan.”

  1. Jldmeyer Says:

    This has even worse than Iraq written all over it. Iraq was just a mess but the problems in Afghanistan run deeper. Take the story of the Taliban rebel who bombed an American military vehicle. It killed one soldier and injured a CBS news correspondent. The suspect had the phone number of an office in the Afghan defense ministry on his cell phone. We all can see how the recent election was run. At least we aren’t throwing millions of dollars at Blackwater anymore. No, wait. The state department extended their contract.

  2. AK Says:

    We are there to enable the USAF to station bombers and fighters at Bagram Airbase, for the purposes of worrying the Chinese, Russians, Pakistanis & Iranians (as if they weren’t worried enough)

    Geo-strategic positioning I beleive one might call it.

    Oh no sorry wait, actually we’re there to teach women to read and give people the vote – my bad…

  3. mike Says:

    Sounds expensive.