Staving off dementia.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 @ 11:15 pm | Politics

There’s plenty of stuff to write about but for various reasons I simply haven’t been up to the challenge lately. Not least of which is Kirkwood Community College’s predictably incompetent Financial Aid department who, to their credit, flatly admitted to me that sometimes their call center gives incorrect information to students. This was the outrageous response I was given when asking why I was told my funds would be released last week when in fact October 21st was the correct date. It leaves me wondering who exactly we’re supposed to go to for reliable counsel. Apparently, students are expected to rely upon their intuition. Of course this has all occurred during the midst of a serious bout of SSRI discontinuation syndrome.

To keep myself busy I’ve been on an upgrade binge. I installed Windows 7 on my home computer. My life has so far remained unchanged but I’ll keep you all updated. I updated my iPhone software to the 3.1 version. Doing so has vastly altered my text messaging capabilities and not in a good way. The phone will now stop sending and receiving text messaging abruptly and without any warning signs. It also seems to have a difficult time staying connected to wifi hotspots. On the bright side we iPhone users are now being ushered into the year 2005 with the inclusion of MMS service. They really are too good to us.

Steady on, lads.

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