Cronkite turns against the war.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 @ 11:27 pm | Health Care

Bill O’Reilly comes out in favor of the public option, seeing it exactly for what it is:

Stunning. This opens up a huge fissure on the right. Bill O’Reilly actually chooses to calm down for five seconds and see that the public option would provide much needed care to everybody.

In related news, this week’s Newsweek opens up a one-two-buckle-my-shoe, noting that simple end of life counseling lowers Medicare costs by a third where it is practiced. People are simply offered the dignity of self-determination, the power to decide for themselves when it’s time to leave this world. Topping that off, they examine the moral choice we make about health care and the system it results in. America has arrived at the same crossroads other nations reached long ago: stay with a system that rations care according to individual wealth, or realize that when it comes to health care, we are all truly equal.

That doesn’t mean eliminating roads to deluxe care for those who can afford it. It means deciding there’s a basic level of care that everybody is not only entitled to, but obligated to as a citizen. Why would anybody not pay into a system that covered everybody? Unless you’re talking about insuring a secret race of immortals (see Highlander), mortality is the thread that binds us all.

If you can’t agree on that fundamental statement on the value of human life, then what is the basis of your moral system?

Hats off to Bill O’Reilly. Every once in awhile he manages to take a step back and cool off Michelle Malkin’s engines. Few people are wrong constantly, even the new reigning village idiots of Iowa at the Coralville Courier.


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  1. Zach Rock Says:

    O’Reilly goes for it and CNN goes against it. What the fuck happened?