Rightwinger psych 101: I’m not a racist, regardless what came out of my mouth.

Friday, September 18th, 2009 @ 12:46 am | Clueless Conservatives, Racism

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One of the first warning signs in arguing with a winger that they’re a racist is the line, “you get accused of being racist for opposing Obama’s policies!”

Nobody gets accused of being racist for disagreeing with Obama’s policies. They get accused of it for saying racist shit. They know Limbaugh’s message for 20 plus years has been, “the darkies will take over because liberals listen to their whining monkey bullshit,” yet they bristle at the suggestion that their views on race have any flaws whatsoever.


13 Responses to “Rightwinger psych 101: I’m not a racist, regardless what came out of my mouth.”

  1. desmoinesdem Says:

    On a related note, CNN’s Ashley Fantz isn’t sure whether those depictions of Obama as a witch doctor are racist.

    I feel sad for this child posing with a racist sign. He’s being raised with a lot of hatred. You can disagree with Obama’s economic policies without using racist language and imagery.

  2. Jldmeyer Says:

    It’s gotta be a racist comment. They obviously didn’t start with, “I’m not racist or anything but…” That frees anyone from any comment they say thereafter!

  3. Zach Rock Says:

    That kid’s sign is unfortunate.

    I mean it’s just a rehash of signs from Bush protests with a bad connotation to it.

    That witch doctor sign is racist though.

    As for one thing Beck said:

    “The Medical Schools will get more Federal Dollars if they have proven that they are putting minorities ahead.”

    I thought that was already happening? I’m white and I can get some federal money here and there for college but not as much as if I was a minority.

  4. Descent Says:

    If you spend a lot of time having to explain to people that what comes out of your mouth isn’t racist then you’re probably a fucking racist.

    Apparently we’re at the point where the person shouting about porch-monkeys and ‘Spics is now the VICTIM of racist bigotry.

  5. Zach Rock Says:

    That child posing with the picture is an unfortunate connotation with signs that just being used with a slogan everyone understands and no one thinks about racial. The parent should’ve thought about it more.

    As for what Beck said in one part of the video:

    “The medical schools will get more federal dollars if they have proven that they are putting minorities ahead.”

    How is that racist? I mean I’m white and that happens all the time. For instance the amount of money I could get for public schooling isn’t the same as the amount a minority could get because they are a minority and I’m white. Now this varies from school to school depending on the ethnicity of the student body and if the school is the one handing out the scholarship. But it happens all the time with federal dollars.

    Public Schools get more money if they have more minorities attending their school. It happens. So just because he said it, that makes it racist?

  6. jeromy Says:

    Zach, obviously he’s saying it like it’s a bad thing, not an “it happens” thing. The implication is that they’re putting minorities ahead of whites.

  7. sg Says:

    Single moms get more opportunities for college grants. I’m waiting for them to call it anti-marriage.

  8. mike Says:

    Right wing assholes have been knocking that shtick around for years.

    Minorities are the truly racist!
    Whites are the truly oppressed!
    Men are the truly marginalized!
    Global warming deniers are the true scientists!

  9. Zach Rock Says:

    So what you’re saying is that racial discrimination is a good thing at times?

    Because that’s what it is. Discrimination based on racial lines.

    I have no problem for people who are in need of financial help getting it, single moms being in that group. However it should really be left to states to help those people out rather than being centrally located somewhere else.

  10. jeromy Says:

    I think it’s a joke that white people feel oppressed. Especially because some minority gets a boost trying to go to medical school. Oh no, all the doctors will be black!

  11. Zach Rock Says:

    I didn’t say I felt oppressed.

    So you still didn’t answer that question. Do you think that racial discrimination is appropriate in some situations? Or do you think that race should not play a part in decision making?

  12. jeromy Says:

    I think positive efforts to help counter centuries of racial discrimination are good, but I also believe in universal standards. Thus I believe in plenty of financial aid for minorities, but no wiggle room on grades and standards.

    Are we getting off-point enough here? Oh, yeah, Zach was able to pick one of those lines and make it sound not so racist. Congrats, dude.

  13. Zach Rock Says:

    Just wondering.

    I’m just sick of race being such a big issue now. We’ve clearly come a long way in the race department. Now everyone wants to make a race issue out of things when instead they should have a problem with a person and his policies and not have to worry about being called a racist.