Cut spending!

Saturday, September 19th, 2009 @ 12:21 am | Economy, Politics

Republican claims to fiscal conservatism are completely baseless. An actual conservative, Bruce Bartlett, explains the reality: No Republican has any serious plan to deal with the deficit. 54% of discretionary spending goes to defense spending, and they’re deficit hawks now?

In short, there is no evidence that it is politically possible to cut spending enough to make more than a trivial difference in our nation’s fiscal problems. The votes aren’t there and never will be. Those who continue to insist otherwise are living in a dream world and deserve no attention from serious people.

Even shorter: your choice is tax and spend, or borrow and spend. Republicans are neither able nor willing to make any serious budget cuts. They only talk the talk to get elected. Give them complete control of the government, as we did for most of the Bush administration, and you only get more spending and more borrowing to fund the politically easy tax cuts.

Meanwhile, Obama takes the slightest measures to reduce the frighteningly costly boondoggle known as missile defense, and wingers are already hyperventilating that he’s handing the keys to Eastern Europe to Russia. Again, hardly any thought, only what they think they can say to push voter buttons and keep their asses in office another term. Unfortunately, our discourse on foreign policy has become so suffocatingly dominated by neocon theology and military industrial complex campaign financing means that we’re again left with only one party able to merely discuss unnecessary spending, and Republicans standing firmly in their way.


6 Responses to “Cut spending!”

  1. Zach Rock Says:

    I’m praying for the day when a president ballsy enough steps up and says:

    “No more American intervention around the world.”

    That’d cut the deficite down to size and get spending under control.

  2. jeromy Says:

    One of the core reasons for the GOPs existence is to make sure that never happens.

    More people than ever are openly questioning why we still have soldiers stationed all over the world, much less Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet the second Obama tried to pull them all home, you’d see the GOP and every military industry lobbyist on the corporate news, 24/7, shouting him down until the public became convinced that Obama was responsible for “giving up the fight against the bad guys.”

  3. Zach Rock Says:

    Yes that’s true.

    He could still try to it anyway.

    He’s doing that on the health care bill. He could just as easily try his hardest to pull the troops out instead of rolling over like a fucking trained dog.

    Which is what he did when he was elected. Instead of trying to follow through on that promise he compromised with interventionists and has put more Americans at risk than he has actually made safer.

  4. jeromy Says:

    He campaigned on making Afghanistan the focus. I’m willing to grant him some time to give it his best shot. Maybe after health care is passed and it’s been, oh a year into his first term, I’ll start expecting him to slay the military industrial dragon.

  5. Zach Rock Says:

    I remember him coming in saying that he would pull the troops out of Iraq. Then he started saying that he would focus on Afghanistan and maybe Pakistan too after the troops were out.

    Still the troops are still in Iraq. Afghanistan is still a lost cause and now we have to worry about whether Osama Bin Laden is hiding in Pakistan and if Obama determines that it is a just cause to pursue him.

  6. Zach Rock Says:

    I remember him saying he’d have the troops coming home by now and us actually leaving the middle east at this point. I doubt that will happen at all though. He appears just as commited to it as the republicans are.