Wait a second…

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 @ 9:04 pm | Health Care, Politics

On the possibility that some Democrat might be a chickenshit and join the filibuster:

“People have lost seats on procedural votes,” said Tad Devine, a long-time Democratic strategist. “That is what happened in the 1994 election, when President Clinton’s economic package went into law and a number of Democrats in the House lost their seats… But if you are talking about one or two people who are well established, they can oppose legislation on the merits but allow it to come to a vote and I don’t think that’s enough to cost them a seat.”

News flash: No Democrat could lose an election over providing health care. I’m glad it looks good to clear a filibuster, but any Democrat scared of losing his seat over a yes vote on the public option is a goddamned pansy.

Still, 51’ll do, pig.


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