Blackwater’s squadered billions and body count are no match for ACORN’s misdeeds.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 @ 3:19 pm | Politics

Chart showing Hannity and Beck’s slobberings over ACORN versus other scandals:

Bit of head scratcher as to why those two are so obsessed with ACORN’s supposed misdeeds. One thing I do know is that we can immediately rule out racism because we wouldn’t want to suggest that either Hannity or Beck are bigots.


10 Responses to “Blackwater’s squadered billions and body count are no match for ACORN’s misdeeds.”

  1. Zach Rock Says:

    Because ACORN is run by minorities right?

    Oh wait, it’s run by two white guys. Oh wait, just one white guy now who does nothing to stop these constant scandals plaguing the company.

    Yep, that’s racist.

    Or it could be ratings.

    That’s it. They’re either racist or fear mongers catering to a racist public. Makes perfect sense.

  2. jeromy Says:

    Wait, your rebuttal is that the head of the company is white?

    That’s enough to calm down the racists and not make ACORN an inviting target?

    Zach, it would be wonderful if you could employ some thinking instead of being a contrarian.

  3. Zach Rock Says:

    I wasn’t being particularly serious.

    I’m just tired of hearing about Fox News and the people who go after ACORN as racist. ACORN has such a long list of things that people could go after them for. It’s not just a race issue.

  4. jeromy Says:

    Um, the right finally scored a hit on ACORN after a year of screaming about them.

    They were pissed the second they saw people working with poor minorities.

  5. Zach Rock Says:

    Do you seriously believe that?

    That republicans and people on the right in general are racists?

    You can’t possibly believe that.

  6. jeromy Says:

    What, that 30% hardcore right? Pretty much. Obviously not all, but anti-black rhetoric has been a core element of the right since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy.” You do know where the Dixiecrats went, right?

    But I have to congratulate you again, Zach, on your “reasonable rightie” enabling. As soon as the pattern of racism is laid out and can’t be easily dismissed, you do the pivot to the, “Dare you call people racist!?!?!” shtick, because, by golly, that is the real crime. White people are tired of being called racist, dammit!

    Ergo, the GOP is sympathetic to white people who get called racists, anybody who disagrees with Obama is racist, join the GOP because you dared disagree with Obama on one thing and you got called racist, etc. etc.

    I know the drill, Zach. Do you have an argument that the ACORN furor from the FOX/Limbaugh/Beck base isn’t fueled by racism?

  7. Zach Rock Says:

    I don’t really have an argument against it. That’s only because I don’t know all the facts surrounding ACORN. However, it’s really easy to claim racism and then ask someone to disprove it while you can sit back and just say it’s race based without any proof. You can think what you want though, I personally think it may be just because ACORN is a fraudulent company and it’s finally being reported.

    Admittedly I know that conservatives and the republican party have had a bad history with Civil Rights. However, I can just as easily sit back and claim that democrats and progressives are racist based on their early support of the eugenics program. I know that isn’t true now, but I can just as easily say it and say it with a tone of authority then ask anyone to scramble and try to disprove it.

    One thing that bugs me about this is how do you explain the growing amount of black conservatives? Shouldn’t they know about this inherent racism and reject it, why aren’t they?

  8. jeromy Says:

    Growing amount of black conservatives???

    And 40 years of the Southern Strategy, ongoing today, is comparable to some claim you’re making about Democratic support of a “eugenics program”?

    Please, Zach, if you’re going to throw out some wild accusation, complete your thoughts. This junk don’t muster.

  9. mike g Says:

    So if we can agree that it’s not about racism then why the specific interest over ACORN? I thought that was the point of my post; to ask that if the furor was indeed over fraud and waste then why are FOX and Co. allowing the biggest perps to go unnoticed? And why does asking this simple question get the concern trolls into a defensive posture?

  10. Zach Rock Says:

    I didn’t claim that the Democrats were behind it. I was using that as an example. Not once was there an actual accusation against Democrats in there.

    Yea, FOX isn’t the greatest news organization and they do a lot bad things reporting wise. However, I just find it absurd that racism is the first thing you jump to whenver they mention something.

    Even if FOX doesn’t catch it. I’m sure that CNN or MSNBC will catch it on a good day and run with it.