A Fox exclusive: Hannity/Limbaugh do the 69!

Sunday, September 27th, 2009 @ 2:44 am | Racism

If only everybody could think like them. Hannity interviewed Limbaugh back in June. Limbaugh:

He’s too big to fail. He’s historic. He’s the first African-American president. They — most of these media people came of age in the civil rights era. This, to them, is Nirvana.

He can’t make a mistake. He can’t say anything wrong.

And from his perspective, they think he’s right, America was mean. It was mean to African-Americans. It was mean to minorities. It was mean. That’s what they think too.

And Rush doesn’t?

It’s one thing that this man is considered a hero for being monumentally vile and stupid three hours a day (although he looks like a Harvard professor next to Hannity), but the continuous barely-veiled racism, a mash-up of resentment against black culture and historical revisionism, seems to be his biggest selling point. And if anybody gets a pass from the media, it’s Limbaugh and the party he leads, Republicans. Unfortunately, they can drop bombs like that and turn on a snap to complain as soon as you point out it’s racist. It’s a transparent one-two punch that has certainly fooled very few black people, but it has our mainstream outlets bound and gagged.


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