Flashing conscience?

Sunday, September 27th, 2009 @ 11:11 pm | Clueless Conservatives

First Glenn Beck melts down into a babbling schizophrenic when asked what white culture is:

[youtube FKZ1qbDyKOM]

Now Michelle Bachman doesn’t want to comment on the grisly killing of the Census worker.

By all means, I would give her any chance she wants to answer the question fully.

Still, is it me, or is there this creeping sense growing among these extreme rightwingers that they might have opened up their mouths a little too widely? Like astronauts landing after six months in space, they return to the everyday world weak, unable to make their legs work like they did in space. The atrophication of thought that has been going on in the right-o-sphere for the past decades, most prominently in the Limbaugh era, has resulted in an increasing inability to function among people outside the cult.

The Census murder mystery will continue to play out, but it is a potentially very frightening and powerful symbol of the tipping point of rage reached on the right. Demonization has produced demons. And demons must be fought. Preferably killed. You would let one live?

Do we need to wait to find another body? Ten more? Or is it time to start dialing it down a little over there in the right-o-sphere?

Here is a closer look at their bubble. These are the least favorite Republicans:

19) Bill O’Reily (6)
19) Peggy Noonan (6)
16) Mark Sanford (7)
16) Mike Huckabee (7)
16) Charlie Crist (7)
14) Colin Powell (11)
14) Arnold Schwarzenegger (11)
12) Kathleen Parker (12)
12) Andrew Sullivan (12)
10) Meghan McCain (14)
10) Ron Paul (14)
9) Michael Savage (15)
6) Pat Buchanan (16)
6) Charles Johnson (16)
6) Susan Collins (16)
5) David Brooks (17)
3) Lindsey Graham (19)
3) David Frum (19)
2) John McCain (22)
1) Olympia Snowe (26)

Almost each and every one is somebody who doesn’t toe the line, somebody who has dared to question the wisdom of these people:

23) John Stossel 4
23) Mitt Romney 4
23) Daniel Hannan 4
23) John Bolton 4
16) Fred Thompson 5
16) Antonin Scalia 5
16) Glenn Reynolds 5
16) Bobby Jindal 5
16) George W. Bush 5
16) Sean Hannity 5
16) Tom Coburn 5
14) Victor Davis Hanson 6
14) Dick Cheney 6
12) Ed Morrissey 7
12) Ann Coulter 7
10) Jonah Goldberg 8
10) Newt Gingrich 8
9) Jim DeMint 9
7) Mark Levin 10
7) Glenn Beck 10
6) Charles Krauthammer 11
5) Mark Steyn 14
4) Michelle Malkin 15
3) Thomas Sowell 17
2) Sarah Palin 20
1) Rush Limbaugh 24

Ah, there he is: King Limbaugh, still on top, requiring everybody who calls themselves a Republican to pay fealty.

Not much overlap between the two lists, is there? And not much sunshine between the names on the favorites list either. Uniformly pro-war, pro-Bush, pro-GOP, authoritarian. The only variety is in the degree of learning required to be a hero of the right, and the list sends a clear message, with Limbaugh and Palin holding the top two spots: belligerent idiocy is the most widely prized trait.

Those in the rightwing bubble will manage to, among each other, maintain that the murderous rage being incited has nothing to do with them, but that’s beside the point. Outside the bubble, it will be immediately preposterous, and if an overwhelming majority of Americans rejects the views of the GOP base, the people hurt or killed will be their only legacy.

Any Democrat shaking his ankles over 2010 needs a slap in the face. How could you possibly lose to these loons? Obama and the Dems own the middle. The Republicans are purging the middle, and will use their primaries to recruit the craziest of the crazy.

When will they break the cycle of fail?


5 Responses to “Flashing conscience?”

  1. mike g Says:

    This is precisely the reason why Rush Limbaugh will not give interviews that aren’t pre-scripted. Unless they have a monopoly on the microphone they are completely unable to defend what they are saying. And it goes without saying that actually asking them to explain themselves is too much to ask. Even worse; doing so is characterized as devious.

  2. Descent Says:

    You want a racist dog-whistle? Here’s one thrown out into the open.

  3. jeromy Says:

    Glenn Beck: “We must answer the tough questions!”
    Couric: “What’s white culture?”
    Beck: “It’s a trap!”

    You do not talk about the dog whistle!

  4. mike g Says:

    I’m glad we’ve gotten to a point as a society where being asked to explain your crypto-racism is the greater crime.

    I haven’t read anything from the outrage factory today. Are they up in arms over Beck being asked questions?

  5. sg Says:

    His body language is so entertaining…at first the “Crap! What do I say?” look…then you see the eyes flicker as he thinks of his escape route, “Trap!”