Drilling authorized in the Beaufort Sea.

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 @ 12:15 pm | Politics

The Obama administration authorizes drilling in the Beaufort Seaand energy futures increase. So much for the instant gratification predicted by these guys.

Among the headstones in the graveyard of right-wing slogans one is sure to come across “Drill, Baby, Drill”. A chant recited and popularized by she who would become the most spectacular flame-out in recent American political history. High oil prices during the presidential campaign had the Johnny Rebs in their Ford F350s looking for answers, and more importantly, somebody to blame. Sarah Palin confirmed their suspicions by laying responsibility at the feet of Teh Librulz who stood in the way of offshore drilling (because apparently only hippie liberals own beach front property). Further “proof” was provided by a decrease in crude prices after Bush rescinded the Executive Order banning offshore drilling (which, btw, hasn’t resulted in any increase in domestic crude production). Of course the economy was swirling down the toilet at the time taking demand along with it but that was something you weren’t supposed to say lest you hurt W’s feelings by suggesting that he actually be responsible for something. And besides, the recession was a “media myth” that the liberals were trying to talk us into, remember?


4 Responses to “Drilling authorized in the Beaufort Sea.”

  1. houndstooth Says:

    There goes the Polar Bear.

    Here is an interesting essay written in August about Obama’s environmental disappointments.


    One of my favorite tidbits: “Perhaps, he’s wary of the backlash from the large community of ‘global-warming deniers’. A backlash—and wariness—I no longer question watching the healthcare town hall meetings where some Americans are actually so enraged—is that the right word?—by Obama’s attempt to reform healthcare that they think carrying around assault weapons is a good idea. It’s fascinating to see what really drives some Americans crazy: not global poverty, wars of choice, environmental collapse, or injustice, no, instead, it’s the attempt to give more people health care. Well, if health care can drive so many Americans over the brink of sanity than perhaps playing it ‘cool’ on climate change is the smart move. But is it the right move?”

  2. mike Says:

    Given the choice between having the ability to drive their Ford Expeditions to the Denny’s buffet on Sunday and the polar bear being able to exist in its natural habitat I’m going to guess that the American public will be more concerned with sausage links.

    I remember in grade school being told that the Dodo bird became extinct because “people back then just didn’t know any better”. Now I know it had nothing to do with ignorance and have everything to do with the fact that people simply didn’t care.

  3. Jldmeyer Says:

    Those who don’t believe Darwin sure do demonstrate survival of the fittest. Although, in today’s age, fittest may not be the best term.

  4. Thomas Tallis Says:

    TT post pretty much writes itself here