Fine, today is Beltway Servant Day.

Friday, October 30th, 2009 @ 12:16 am | Health Care, Politics

The Dean Lord of Washington CW, David Broder, come up with a unique angle to attack the opt-out public option and Harry Reid: Nobody should be denied health care based on where they live!

Then maybe no goddamn states should opt-out, should they, Broder? Why is Harry Reid being blamed for trying to find a compromise with the Senators who have been trying to kill the public option altogether?

Broder suggests liberals stand against the compromise…and then? Retired to Magic Candy Land and write fan fiction about a universe where the Public Option exists, with Unicorn Coverage included?

Forty Republicans and Joe Lieberman are defying the national will, and will try to refuse to even give states the public option at all.

Why need such explicit and unfortunate facts go unconsidered?


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  1. Dana Says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Nobody should be denied health care based on where they live!

    So, the American taxpayers should pay for health care in Bangladesh or Myanmar?

    After all, your statement didn’t limit “nobody” to American citizens or legal residents, now “where they live” to our borders. If it is unconscionable to deny health care to anyone, why wouldn’t that mean you were assuming the responsibility to pay for it in North Korea?

    Why do you hate foreigners?

  2. sg Says:

    oh, Dana…these guys are going to nail you for that silly comment…

  3. Dana Says:

    Why is it silly, sg? Mr Brown said that “nobody” should be denied health care; I noted that there are almos certainly plenty of “nobodies” Mr Brown doesn’t think his taxes shoudld support.

  4. jeromy Says:

    Dana, I’ll take the hit for my writing style, but I thought it was clear that I was citing David Broder.

  5. Group2012 Says:

    Nobody is denied healthcare in this country. It’s called an emergency room if you don’t have insurance and it’s against the law to turn anyone away, including illegal aliens.

    85% of the people in this country are satisfied with their healthcare coverage. At issue is 15% of the population. So why is it then that liberals want to completely overhaul the entire system?

    Power, greed, control.

    Does Iowa Liberal acknowledge that Obama has a deal with big pharma?


    Does Iowa Liberal acknowledge that Obama had a deal with health insurance companies but when support for the public option waned threw them under the bus?


  6. Group2012 Says:

    What to Look For in the Latest House Health Care Bill

  7. mike Says:

    Do it, 2012. You know you wanna post three comments in a row.

  8. jeromy Says:

    Emergency room care is the worst of all possible worlds, Troll2012.

    A majority of the country supports the public option. They are people who may believe their current health care is satisfactory, but they’re worried about losing their job and not being covered. They’re concerned about the thousands of children who die every year due to lack of coverage. They’re concerned about being put in the poorhouse if they have a major health problem. And they see other countries where none of these things are issues.

    They could try to stick with the Republican obstructionists who will block everything and do nothing if they ever get back in power. But they really don’t care about you guys anymore. Polls show that the public would rather have a public option without a single Republican vote than a compromise bill without a public option.

    The man cites Heritage and then talks to us about bias. Group, that’s a rightwinger think tank which has provided whatever research the GOP requires. If Limbaugh thinks it, they’ll play with the numbers until they fit.

  9. Jldmeyer Says:

    Troll2012, your argument against health insurance is falling apart. It even goes against your “conservative” nature. The idea that the system works because they can simply visit the emergency room is absurd. I simple search found a Californian with no medical insurance billed $12,000 for a rib fracture. And when that uninsured person cannot pay that bill, who pays for it. Oh, you know who ends up paying for it. Doesn’t the idea of a hidden tax just burn your insides? A CBS article stated, “The average family with health insurance shells out an extra $1,000 a year in premiums to pay for health care for the uninsured.” Sounds like a tax to me! And the majority of those costs are because these uninsured American citizens are visiting the emergency room rather than a clinic visit at a fraction of the cost. So you just need to come out and truly admit what it is about this bill that you are against, saving money or just the helping the uninsured out.

  10. jeromy Says:

    If we put that $1000 tax on people’s pay stubs and said we’d not only cover the insured, but them as well, Group2012 would scream bloody murder.

    Yet he tells us, “Anybody can go to the emergency room!” which everybody knows is a losing argument. Kind of lets you know this guy will just say anything.

  11. Group2012 Says:

    I wasn’t arguing against health insurance, I was arguing against the following false claim: Nobody should be denied health care based on where they live!

    Nobody is denied healthcare, if you want it, you can get it.

  12. jeromy Says:

    Except emergency room care is the worst form of health care, and not a substitute for comprehensive health care.

    The original point Broder made was that people shouldn’t be left out of the public plan because their state decides to opt-out. My point was that’s true, but it’s not Reid’s fault for offering the compromise. It’s the fault of those who have argued against the public option so loudly that the compromise is necessary to give it a chance of passing, and it would be the fault of any state that opted out.

    Of course, the reality is that those red states will be happy to sign up. Or they better be, anyway:

  13. Group2012 Says:

    Jeromy you’re using standard liberal talking points. Think for a change. The claim that a majority of Americans want a government-run option is false. Sure, you’ll probably throw out a few polls that say otherwise and I can match those tit-for-tat. So why do I say the claim is false? Because healthcare reform hasn’t passed yet that’s why. Democrats hold a majority in both Houses, they don’t need the Republicans to pass healthcare reform, they can pass any provision they want but they haven’t. Why? Because they don’t have public support. Legislators are getting phone calls, letters, faxes and emails in opposition to government-run healthcare and that makes them very nervous for 2010. You know darn well that if a majority of correspondence they’re receiving on this issue were favorable to their position, it would have passed and been signed by the President by now. Hasn’t happened, there’s not enough public support.

  14. cbmc Says:

    a little ripe for Group2012 aka GroupEchochamber to accuse anybody else of hauling out “talking points” – you can’t really tell other to think when you’re copying-and-pasting your “facts” from conservative blogs

  15. jeromy Says:

    Why? Because of Joe Lieberman right now, who stands in opposition to the opinions of Connecticut.

  16. TL Says:

    Speaking as someone whose wife was serioulsy ill back when we didn’t have insurance I think all of you are wrong.

    A) If you don’t have insurance the emergency room is th eonly place that won’t deny you.

    Patently untrue, anyone with any illness can walk into Braodlawns (as a local example, and be cared for without insurance.

    B)Emergency room care is the worst…etc.

    Patently false, emergency rooms in the US have the best triage staff, best critical care folks, and best doctors in the world bar none. To say anything else is a slap in the face of reality. Not to mention that if you have insurance and getting critically ill, guess where youa re going? So it’s ER is good if you are insured and bad if you aren’t? What kind of logic is that?

    C) There’s no difference except in cost between freemarket insurance and government insurance.

    Patently false. The difference is a gun. In the free market I am allowed to make any decision I please, good or bad, right or wrong. Under government healthcare I am forced, with a gun as the final say so, to take their plan, or pay for their plan without taking it. Either way the government who has only one way of enforcing their non-sense has a gun at my head telling me what my choices are. Don’t tell me that I have a choice when you are dictating what the choices are.

    There is only one major philosophical difference here. Do you believe in the use of force against people who have not used force themselves, or not?

    I don’t.

  17. jeromy Says:

    Except, TL, I didn’t say that our emergency rooms aren’t good. I was speaking of using emergency room visits as one’s health care. It’s far more expensive than giving patients regular access to doctors and preventative care.

    Anyway, regarding your THEY ARE POINTING A GUN AT MY HEAD diatribe, in a truly free market you don’t get to make any decision you please. You get to make any decision your mob of armed enforcers can get away with.

    Again, we’re having a vote on these issues, not sticking guns in anybody’s faces. When libertarians mature past Ayn Rand blathering, they learn to incorporate democratic governments into their free market fantasies.

  18. TL Says:

    And yet again you ignore that no one is forced to use emergency room care as health care. Why? Serioulsy I am tired of the avoidance.

  19. TL Says:

    So in a free market, who is this mob of armed enforcers exactly?

  20. jeromy Says:

    Not ignoring. Not seeing the relevance to the real world. Are you saying you shouldn’t be taxed, but you should be able to waltz into an emergency room whenever you like?

    I mean, I’ve said this before: If you want to sign a release form that says your medical bills will be paid out of pocket the rest of your life in exchange for a tax break, I’m okay with it.

  21. TL Says:

    And yet again you ignore that no one is forced to use emergency room care as health care. Why? Serioulsy I am tired of the avoidance.

  22. jeromy Says:

    “Not ignoring. Not seeing the relevance to the real world. Are you saying you shouldn’t be taxed, but you should be able to waltz into an emergency room whenever you like?”

    There it is again.

  23. jeromy Says:

    “who is this mob of armed enforcers exactly?”

    Whoever you can amass with your untaxed riches.

  24. TL Says:

    Jeromy, maybe you aren’t getting it.

    Do you or do you not beleive that anyone in this country is forced to use an emergency room as their healthcare?

  25. TL Says:

    You said: “You get to make any decision your mob of armed enforcers can get away with.”

    Would you care to explain what you meant by that? Because I think if you reread it you’ll agree it either makes no sense or is missing context.

  26. jeromy Says:

    “Do you or do you not believe that anyone in this country is forced to use an emergency room as their healthcare?”


    As for the armed mob comments, how do you imagine you defend yourself or enforce a contract in a truly free market?

  27. TL Says:

    Gah! I am trying to keep the conversations separate.

    Ok so if no one in this country is forced to use the ER as healthcare, why is it even mentioned?

    No one is forced, no one even need use it as a resort unless it really IS an emergency, and then that is what it is there for.

  28. TL Says:

    The following are some of the things in Des Moines alone that one can receive free of charge w/o Taxpayer involvement and w/o every getting near an ER:

    Illness/Minor Injury Care, Well Child Exams, School/Sports Physicals, Employment Physicals, Chronic Disease Management, Lead Testing, Patient Assistance Program Enrollment, Transportation, Diabetes – Blood Glucose Testing, High Blood Pressure Testing, Child Immunizations – Children & Adolescents up to 20 years old, Adult Immunization-Tetanus, Labs and Prescriptions,TB Testing

    Every free clinic in this city will give anyone preventive care advice if asked, hell which is more than I get now as a rule.

    Here is the deal, I am tired of this whole, “you are a commie”, “you are a wingnut” crap. I mean serioulsy tired of it.

    What care is it, that someone in Des Moines cannot get for free if they need it?

  29. TL Says:

    Illness/Minor Injury Care
    Well Child Exams
    School/Sports Physicals
    Employment Physicals
    Chronic Disease Management
    Lead Testing
    Patient Assistance Program Enrollment
    Diabetes – Blood Glucose Testing
    High Blood Pressure Testing
    Child Immunizations – Children & Adolescents up to 20 years old
    Adult Immunization-Tetanus
    Labs and Prescriptions
    TB Testing

  30. jeromy Says:

    So we already have universal health care….and we just need a directory to get everybody what they need?

    I’ll be looking forward to the Republican Pamphlet Program.

    Seriously though, some physicals and vaccinations don’t quite cut it.

  31. TL Says:

    What care is it, that someone in Des Moines cannot get for free if they need it?

  32. jeromy Says:

    A cast for a broken arm? A new kidney? A hernia operation? Blood pressure medication?

    Seriously, where’s your sources on these things and how much they really provide?

    Or are you just going to repeat yourself again?