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Just wanted to beat them to it.


UPDATE: Holy smokes…not even close to being a referendum on Obama. Scorecard here.

UPDATE: More bad news for Democrats: CNN uncovers the shocking truth about Republican domination of the angry, white and aged demographic.

UPDATE: It’s not over yet, but Bill Owens has been leading Doug Hoffman all night. My impression is that nobody cares about Bill Owens and that this is mostly anti-Hoffman voting. Absentee ballots narrowing the count somewhat but Owens still ahead by two percent…

UPDATE: I changed some text to reflect that this isn’t a referendum on Obama, to better reflect the content of the link. Voters are fine with Obama, they’re just really concerned about the economy.

And, it seems, not to impressed with the teabaggers. Sarah Palin has even favorable/unfavorable numbers in a ribbon-red district. Hoffman’s pledge of loyalty to Glenn Beck couldn’t have been very helpful. It seems that smiling, declaring yourself a common American, and not knowing your ass from a hole in the ground is enough to please the extreme GOP base, but not encouraging for one’s election prospects…with 85% reporting, Owens is ahead four percentage points. One prominent Hoffman supporter throws in the towel…

UPDATE: It’s over for Hoffman. Not good news for teabaggers, but Republican moderates who can fight them off in the primaries can still win elections. Could this mean the return of a sane Republican Party? Reactions from the base tomorrow will tell us if the YOU ARE BLIND IF YOU DO NOT SEE OBAMA IS TURNING AMERICAN INTO AUSCHWITZ faction of the GOP is waking up from the fever dream…

4 Responses to “REFERENDUM!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. mike Says:

    Sorry comrades but I’m going to take a chance here by saying that these poll numbers represent a referendum against libersociocommiefascism.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Not cool. Be a news source, not “j/k”

  3. jeromy Says:

    And sit up straight in that chair, young man!

  4. anonymous Says: