Pork forever.

Sunday, February 7th, 2010 @ 3:14 pm | Politics

I’m not reflexively opposed to pork. It’s a tiny, tiny slice of the pie, and John McCain’s campaign promise to balance the deficit by slashing pork was simply sad and funny. One state’s pork is another state’s well-targeted economic stimulus, so it’s hardly evident that eliminating pork would have a net positive effect.

That said, Richard Shelby, Republican of Alabama, is holding the Senate hostage on (yes, I’m going to join the bandwagon and add some emphasis here) all, all, ALL of Obama’s nominees, totaling seventy, until he gets two pork projects for Alabama. Yep, one Senator can do this. Yes, all standards have flown out the window.

This comes after Obama pointed out to the House Republicans in last week’s historic public trouncing that cutting spending can be difficult when every representative has their pet projects.

I’m pretty sure this wins the Blagojevich/Duke Cunningham award for 2010. So far, anyway. There’s an election approaching…but how can Republicans reconcile this kind of behavior with asking voters to believe a word they say about fiscal responsibility?

I think it’s simply become irrefutable that Republicans aren’t ready to govern nowadays. We’ve been stonewalled enough by the Republican minority as it is, but if they signal that they’re going to make every single Republican Senator a one-person blockade, electing any Republican who’s betrothed to the tea partiers is unsafe.


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