How RUDE of Maddow to point out Aaron Schock’s blatant hypocrisy!

This is the type of behavior that gets you called “rude” and “shrill” by Republicans. Maddow pointed out that Schock was taking credit for stimulus dollars locally that he publicly derided in DC.

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The chances that David Gregory would have called out Rep. Schock on this type of hypocrisy is precisely zero. As he’s stated before, it’s not a journalists job to raise scrutiny over the claims of politicians. That’s why it’s always enjoyable to see an actual liberal on a Sunday morning talk show who isn’t deathly afraid of being thought of as unreasonable by David Broder.

2 Responses to “How RUDE of Maddow to point out Aaron Schock’s blatant hypocrisy!”

  1. Dr Blue Says:

    From someone living in IL, I didn’t find it rude at all. Anytime you have a congressman that wants to talk out both sides of their mouth at the same time, its about time someone called them on their hypocrisy, and all the others too. Schock is a wannabe hard nose conservative on the Hill, yet he’s standing, shaking hands in IL about the money he opposed, yet is handing out the very checks with all smiles. It ought to be against the law is all I can say, and I hope the people in his district bring him home and send him back to Kindergarten.

  2. REI Says:

    There’s a part of me that wants to give Schock leeway for being a politician but then I realize that I’m wrong.