Tort reform: The silver bullet.

Thursday, February 25th, 2010 @ 9:04 pm | Politics

Except that it isn’t.

One thing the issue of tort reform does do is give Republicans another opportunity to use trial lawyers as a punching bag. Whoops, I mean trIALlawyers. See, it all depends upon how you say it. If you say it without emphasizing the word “trIAL” it loses maximum impact. Anyway, it’s familiar territory for Republicans because they used it extensively to attack John Edwards who, incidentally, was also regarded as an effete lady boy, another favorite jeer fat, impotent old men like Limbaugh use to hector librulz. (I’m guessing those insinuations aren’t working so well now that it’s common knowledge that he knocked up some camerawoman.) If it weren’t for trIAL lawyers, Big Government wouldn’t have robbed us of our constitutional right to bear lawn darts, eat lead paint or lose the ability to hold a job after a quack doctor blinded or maimed us permanently. Valerie Lakey’s mistake was getting disemboweled by a faulty swimming pool pump. John Edward’s mistake was representing her in court.

4 Responses to “Tort reform: The silver bullet.”

  1. Henry Whistler Says:

    Of course, they never had any real dirt on John Edwards’ legal career, which is why he was able to sail fairly high.

    I’m glad though that pre-Rielle John Edwards isn’t sitting in the Oval Office right now. It’s hard to believe he could negotiate the kind of minefield Obama’s running through.

  2. Earl Hushpuppie Says:

    Take a look at Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) response to tort reform at the bipartisan health care summit yesterday:

  3. Nate W Says:

    Tort reform and allowing insurance companies to cross state lines is all FOX News talks about. Those are the only two “ideas” they have and they wouldn’t account for a drop in the health care bucket if enacted which is why they want them. They want to make the bill ineffective so come election day they can dance on the graves of the uninsured and blame the LiberalDimocrats for not doing enough.

  4. mike Says:

    Earl Hushpuppie>

    Thanks for the link. That was definitely a classic moment indeed.

    At this point Republicans are going to keep repeating “death panels”, “tax increases”, “deficit”, and “tort reform” regardless of how many times they’re called out on their bullshit. They might not be very smart but they sure are good at staying on message.