Is this the jiu-jitsu moment for Obama?

Friday, February 26th, 2010 @ 12:07 am | Barack Obama, Clueless Conservatives, Health Care

Holy smokes. He’s allowed the Republicans to get behind the summit idea and got them in front of the camera again. Niiice judo flip.

If it was Obama’s intention to make clear to the public that the Republicans simply were not going to play ball at all, no matter what, then it qualifies as a cast-iron success.

Which suggest that Obama has learned the central method to handling rightwing talking points: Stick Republicans in a room and watch them sweat. Make them look for a retort. Exhaust their lines. Undermine their paradigms.

Look, folks, the only real critique of Obama is from the left. The GOP’s new star fiscal conservative is Paul Ryan, who voted for Medicare Part D. It’s rhetorical posturing that will translate into a party-line vote for the next Republican President.

The critique from the right is simply too staggered with money and propaganda to take seriously. America has to move forward.

As the Bush advisor said, “We’ll make history and you’ll be trying to analyze it, and just when you figured it out, we’ll make history again!”

And how can one do worse than Bush?

This article suggests Democrats may finally be convinced they’ve earned the political cover. Will that be true? There’s a bizarre reverse effect where the longer this goes on, the worse it becomes for Democrats to turn on the bill. Though they keep trying…


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