Hopey —> changey?

Saturday, February 27th, 2010 @ 11:56 pm | Politics

Ben Nelson isn’t going to object to reconciliation?

Gosh, it’s almost like the argument that 51 Senators trumps 41 Senators feels defensible. Is he sure he doesn’t want to cower before Republicans a bit more?
I mean, arguing against reconciliation vs. the filibuster because it’s “procedural,” may be so instantly obvious a contradiction that there isn’t enough cover for the “centrists.” Our press would certainly like to join Mr. Nelson in trembling before The Republicans Who Will Say Mean But Bold Things, but that 7 1/2 hour summit was also such an obvious demonstration that the Republicans would accept no middle ground.

Is this Obama’s long game? He’s worn me out so many times, made me keep thinking he was just about to give it up, that he wasn’t fighting…but then he keeps coming back. Hell, he might demand a 12 hour summit next time. At some point, even Republicans have to start realizing they’re getting gamed. Boehner screaming, “It’s a trap!” wasn’t really an attack, it was too fearful. The Republican game is just this: NO. They’re left stalling until November, hoping that they can prevent a victory and then brag about it.

I dunno. I’m almost sure there’ll be another, “Ah, bloody hell…” moment coming soon, but I’m just as tired of being fooled by Obama’s long game. If he pulls this shit off and signs a bill before summer, it’ll be a pretty stiff lesson to the skeptics.


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