Ambush fail.

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 @ 12:23 pm | Clueless Conservatives, Journamalism

Jason Mattera will surely be championed as a conservative hero for this:

Mattera does upset Franken. Franken tries repeatedly to get Mattera to stop talking and listen like an honest human being, but Mattera just keeps yammering away with his talking point.

Fortunately, Franken was right and Mattera was wrong. The bill does not allocate $7 billion for jungle gyms. Not that anything is wrong with jungle gyms, as they are excellent for child health and development. But it’s merely one item in a non-exclusive list about what schools can do to improve children’s health, including providing healthier menus, activity programs, etc. You can see the appropriate section of the bill here.

Media Matters details a more specific deconstruction of Mattera’s insinuations in this ambush video and another one featuring Mattera doing much the same thing to Alan Grayson (Grayson quickly IDs Mattera: “Oh God, are you a kook?” and says have a nice day)

Mattera finds some crazy rightwing talking point, and then comes after a public figure with a video camera and keeps repeating it over and over again without really responding to anything said to him in return. Check out this video, which Mattera promotes, of him being completely manhandled and judo-flipped by a supernaturally calm Robert Gibbs:

Personally, I would have gotten pissed much earlier. At least Old Me would have. Been working on New Me, who is much more into the Gibbs approach. Occasionally I lapse into Franken…

All of me, however must laugh at what happens when Mattera gets pinned down and asked a hard question:

Heh…that’s what a winger calls torture.


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  2. lil sis Says:

    Obviously this guy is a man because any woman who has ever breastfed knows the uncomfortable and frequently painful side effects from not being able to feed or pump in a timely matter. Ouch!

  3. lil sis Says:

    (all right, the first few words didn’t sound too intelligent, but you know what I mean) 🙂