Sunday, June 13th, 2010 @ 1:52 am | Politics

Sorry, but anybody who’s ever studied drama just has to giggle. Barack Obama is elected to repair the damage that Bush and Cheney did to the country after eight years in the WH and after 12 years of a Republican Congress. Unregulated oil drilling springs a leak, seven years after Dick Cheney let the oil companies write the rules, and yet…

…we’re sitting around wishing Obama would make us feel better.

Hey, America…this situation is fucking grim. Try not falling for the protestations of those who just a few years ago chanted, “Drill, Baby, Drill!” It’ll work out better for you. You’ll feel cleaner, morally upright, etc. Good stuff.

Time and time again, the same story plays out. The only rational criticism of Obama is from the left. Over, and over, and over again. But that criticism never counts in the eyes of the national media. Torture prosecutions? Media’s against them. Military tribunals? Media’s for them. Public option? Media didn’t want it. Too big to fail? Media didn’t mind. Believing BP’s version of the story? Media woulda done the same.

So over and over again, the media stands directly between Obama’s typical extensively compromised initial volley and whatever insane batshit twaddle idiots like Limbaugh, Beck, or Palin and dream up. Or stalwart criminals like Dick Cheney, or the abomination Liz Cheney. The sole standard is, are they willing to go there? Because if they are, our media will lay down like a bunch of chickenshits.

And they’re always willing to go there.

Democrats need to grow a spine and Americans need to grow the hell up. We’re still fixing the goddamned mess. Let’s propose solutions that actually solve something. Let’s point directly at those sucking on corporate dollars, those who always bend away from justice, away from the right thing, away from the divine path.

It’s really sad when one thinks of what could have been built upon the Clinton years and the prosperity we were generating. Democrats were screaming like mad during the Bush years as one fiscal restraint after another was peeled back. We’d finally become a fiscally conservative nation, and there Bush was, going nuts on his daddy’s credit card like a man who’d never had to worry about money his whole life. And there the Republicans were, cheering him all along and passing every spending bill.

No, it’s time to kick out the last of the Bush apologists and elect only those who are willing to rebuild America, instead of a bunch of whiny titty babies crying about their taxes. Grow up, you little sissies. I have to pay quite a bit each month to handle the debts I accrued during my younger, reckless years. Why shouldn’t I expect the same of my country?

And why should I listen to a bunch of racially unenlightened Republicans who want nothing more than to reactivate their wrecking balls and keep up the same old Bush/Cheney policies that ruined this country in the first place?

The only criticism of Barack Obama that makes sense is from the left. It must be understood. Democrats have to unite in that understanding. We know he isn’t the model of a liberal president. We need him to actually take liberal democrats seriously instead of sneering at us. There’s a war to be fought in the nation’s primaries, and Blanche Lincoln’s victory didn’t mean the end of anything. But in any general election contest, Americans should be absolutely aghast at the thought of letting Republicans get back behind the wheel with some phony story about how they suddenly became fiscally conservative.


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