What’s up with this running from the press business?

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 @ 1:05 am | Politics

I mean, it’s not exactly working wonders for Sarah Palin, so why are other Republican politicians like Mark Kirk, Rand Paul and Sharron Angle attempting to mimic the technique?

Yes, the base will love you as long as you appear on Fox News and rightwing talk radio, fawned over and studiously shielded from anything resembling an actual question (though after that O’Reilly interview last week even Palin isn’t finding that strategy foolproof, and certainly anything she attempts must be foolproof to work…). Maybe it can work for Republicans in super-red territory, since the GOP base relies exclusively on bubble-bred shnews-fests from the usual propaganda outlets, but how does one hope to crack the mainstream that way?

Some Americans simply have lost all respect for anything resembling rigor or scrutiny. Of course, the fact that the GOP has been led by Rush Limbaugh for 20+ years, a man who is morbidly afraid of appearing in any situation where he can be questioned without the ability to cut the mic. This sick bastard is their hero, and thus they have become sick. Increasingly few of their leaders can withstand any cross-examination. Yes, we can point out they’re chickenshits, but the bubble is so thick on the right that anybody outside it is automatically dismissed. What I say simply doesn’t matter. Not because it isn’t true, sure it is. But I’m a liberal. So what I say simply doesn’t matter…to these folks, anyway. Yet neither does the analysis of those who would be able to claim a somewhat more independent label, because by not actively promoting the rightwinger agenda, one becomes a liberal anyway. And so by critiquing them, one automatically becomes irrelevant in their eyes. It’s all purity and purges nowadays, folks.

It’s sad that so many Americans have chosen to let their better faculties degrade so egregiously. I heard my physical therapist (the excruciating back pain thing…) commenting with a tone that suggested weary wisdom that he’d been watching Huckabee on Fox and “the politicians are going to try to use this oil thing to get a global warming bill passed. It’s all politics!” Oh, of course, because the gulf turning into an oily wasteland in front of our eyes wouldn’t actually suggest that we look for clean renewable energy. Obviously there’s no connection, right? It’s just a lil’ nothing that we crazy liberals are all pumping up in order to fulfill a political agenda. Because the right is obviously so dedicated to scientific principles and not toeing the corporate line that happens to coincide with their massive election contributions…

p.s. Gotta love rightwingers complaining about Obama strong-arming BP out of one corner of their mouth while pointing out that he received a lot of BP dollars during his campaign. Gee, he took their donations and yet didn’t act like their servant? Yes, this seems wrong to Republicans, but they can’t really explain why without making explicit the fact what corporate stooges they are. You’re supposed to take your money and do like you’re told!!!

Of course, this all means we must elect more Republicans in ’10. The only sensible thing for the country, really…


2 Responses to “What’s up with this running from the press business?”

  1. group2012 Says:

    More complete falsehoods by Iowa Liberal? Why can’t you guys handle the truth?

    Iowa Liberal wrote without a basis in fact: “…a man (Rush Limbaugh) who is morbidly afraid of appearing in any situation where he can be questioned without the ability to cut the mic.”

    If you actually listened to his show, you would know that he PREFERS to talk to liberals and does so on a frequent basis.

  2. Henry Whistler Says:


    You have no idea that you just backed up exactly what I said, do you?