When forwarded emails aren’t enough.

Monday, July 19th, 2010 @ 11:11 pm | Politics

More right-wing violence:

Yesterday, 45-year-old parolee Byron Williams opened fire on Highway Patrol officers in Oakland, California. After a brief shootout, Williams, who was wearing body armor, was shot and is currently in an emergency room in stable condition at a local hospital.

In an interview with the local news, Williams explained that her son was unemployed, angry at “left-wing politicians,” and upset about Congress “railroading through all these left-wing agenda items.” Williams went on to say that she kept guns in her house which her son stole. She also warned of a coming “revolution”

Where’s Eric Cantor to explain that the librulz are responsible for putting the patrol officers in danger?

One Response to “When forwarded emails aren’t enough.”

  1. Jldmeyer Says:

    Remember the good ol’ days when under George W. Bush it was just the crazy liberals getting arrested for asking questions at “public” forums? They were unpatriotic traitors to our country. Now we have patriotic citizens whose rights to bring guns to church and political events are a god given…er, constitutional right. This parolee is just a symbol of how much our country has changed since 2008. The people of America have had enough of this marxist/nazi/muslim regime that has taken us over. ***end of sarcasm*** Geez, are you kidding? Honestly, are we so blind to the fact that we are now calling American terrorists patriots? Have we forgotten about Timothy McVeigh? He sought revenge on the American government for our attack on the Waco ranch. If Waco/McVeigh happened right now, McVeigh would be considered a hero to the Tea Party people for standing up to our government! These are the crazy people who need to be arrested. Liberals were arrested for asking questions at town hall meetings and it was deemed as necessary. Conservatives being arrested for threatening revolution is deemed as unconstitutional. Am I the only one who sees that the Taliban isn’t the scariest group of people who hate our country?