Increasing numbers of Americans completely full of shit.

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 @ 5:59 pm | Clueless Conservatives

You know the polls. And Newsweek this week tries to get at why a solid chunk of Americans have simply descended into Imaginationland to such an extent they’re nearly diagnosable as schizophrenic.

I’m not convinced talking nice to these people is going to accomplish much. Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are constantly cooing to them, telling them how smart they are to perceive the horrible dangers of Barack Obama’s impending socio-commie-nazi-fascist takeover of America.

They’re going to get angry with you if you disagree with them. Isn’t it time we treat these people like adults instead of children, and tell them, “HEY YOU MORONS, HEY, YOU…YEAH, YOU!!! THE GUY WHO THINKS OBAMA IS A MUSLIM, THE GAL WHO THINKS OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST, THE PEOPLE WHO CLAIM OBAMA DIVIDED THE NATION…YOU’RE IDIOTS!!! STOP BEING IDIOTS!!!”

Eh, everybody hated that, didn’t they? Just can’t win anymore. If you have any grasp on the truth, everybody rushing up to you telling you you have to coddle these emotional infants some more. Appease! Appease!

Aren’t these folks against appeasement? Didn’t they think Reagan defeated the USSR by calling it evil? Eh, I ask for consistency. Nowadays, even consistency is a librul plot.

The people in this video seem mostly civil, nice, even sweet, and deeply, deeply ignorant. Even worse, stubbornly ignorant. And the thing is, I don’t buy that this is some selective sample. I think that guy could have gone through the entire crowd and never gotten anybody better. Tens of thousands of dumb people descended on D.C., demanding, um, something. They say honor…

But they don’t act honorably, do they?

I gotta hand them one award though…these people…who are Republicans, have managed to create enough of a new brand with this Tea Party shtick to try escaping what happened when their elected leaders blew up the country. Yet they all possess the discipline to go to the ballot box and vote Republican anyway. The shell game has worked on everybody, and here I am, the dumbass fucker sitting around trying to remind everybody that they’re one and the same, yet still frequently addressing “the Tea Party.”

And yet our serious challenges as a country really go unaddressed by these folks. Why? Because they’re still down with the same Bush/GOP gameplan of the ’00’s.

They are right about one thing…empires do crumble. And an empire built on that foundation of stupidity on witness in that video is already screwed.

Fuck it, let’s just elect a tidal wave of Republicans in November and let them finish off the job. America needs a mercy killing.


P.S. Waaaaaahhh! from Tucker Carlson’s site. The guys *gasp* didn’t identify themselves as commie heathens, thus tricking the poor people on camera into…answering honestly. Gaaah! NO HONOR!!!

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