Clarity on presidential polls.

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 @ 12:04 pm | Barack Obama, Disappointing Dems, Polls

I think Obama’s poll numbers are mostly news because they’re not where we expect them to be. Obama was, literally, supposed to walk into office and everybody would calm down a little bit and work towards solving the nation’s problems. Some of us did think he could ride the sixties and seventies all the way.

Of course, it’s a rather familiar tale we’ve been telling: a good chunk of America is going clean off its rocker, denying the Bush years ever existed and deciding that Obama is literally some new Stalin/Hitler/Bin Laden master cocktail of the world’s evils, a possible Anti-Christ. Then add in the actual aggrieved people, liberals who were often shoved aside and told to be quiet while Obama endlessly compromised for diminishing gains. Indeed, Obama did divide America a bit, often behaving as if its own base were out in far-off territory asking for simple effective ideas like the public option, when we were firmly in the center. Too often they still seem to be grabbing for the mushy middle, with Obama actually saying he isn’t for gay marriage (although his actions are to help bring it about, thus all the more senseless the claim).

And so it’s 47%, during a time of immense economic crisis. Pretty amazing numbers, and honestly the last ones we should be worried about. Working Americans need more direct stimulus, the recent jobs bill being a sterling example. Obama needs to do nothing more than get a good bill put together, and then ride that sucker right through November. Republicans have consistently been the enemy of anything that would help normal Americans, so let’s be clear this election about what the choice is. Take all the money from an arcane military project and watch them try to spin it away.

For two years, the Republicans have been bleeding. Will Democrats smell it and go in for the attack? George W. Bush was extolled as the complete embodiment of the Republican President in his time, and the GOP has little more than warmed-over Bush policies. Why? Because Bush got to do almost everything he wanted during GOP control of Congress. It was Christmas every day for Republicans as regulations were shredded and Pat Robertson graduates were getting hustled into high-ranking government positions. Of course they don’t have any new ideas…those were their ideas.

And how well did those poll? The GOP is trying to take us out for a Weekend At Bernie’s, except instead of Bernie it’s Bush.


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  1. desmoinesdem Says:

    “Obama needs to do nothing more than get a good bill put together, and then ride that sucker right through November.”

    I think the House is only going to be in session for a couple of weeks between now and the election. There’s no time to get another stimulus bill through before November. Obama appointed a mostly bad economic team, lowballed the stimulus, didn’t have an adequate response to the foreclosure problem, and we are looking at high unemployment for several years. Of course the recession wasn’t his fault, and the 2009 stimulus stopped us from going over the cliff, but you are dreaming if you really thing Obama did all he could to fix it.

    Obama’s poll numbers have plenty of room to go down if unemployment is still around 10 percent a year or two from now.

  2. jtl909 Says:

    I’m thinking that 10% is the new normal considering the loss of what we replaced missing manufacturing jobs with after the 70’s and 80’s; activities of suburban expansion, and now that the credit rackets that fueled it have gone bust there hasn’t been a new bubble to take its place. I just read that opening a telemarketing outfit in the United States is now as cheap as opening one up in India so I guess there are glimmers of hope in “retooling” the labor force to get comfortable using an auto-dialer and reading off of a prepared script. Capitalism!!

  3. jtl909 Says:

    In fact, I’ve been pretty depressed about politics lately and have developed a “fuck it” attitude. Let them take away Social Security, Medicare, abortion rights and stack the courts with religious zealots. Then we can just pray like hell that they stop there and don’t start loading traitors and usurpers onto box cars.

  4. Dana Says:

    Well, perhaps if you looked at the fact that President Obama and the Democrats have added $4.4 trillion to the CBO’s projected baseline budget over the next ten years — that’s the equivalent of adding more than an eleventh year of spending to those ten years — based on CBO projections in January of 2008, you might understand why the enormous support the President had has waned rather dramatically.

    Or, as a friend of mine put it a couple of months ago, “I voted for change, but not this fornicating change!”

  5. Henry Whistler Says:

    Dana, I’m pretty sure we’ve yet to get you to make an honest reckoning of what led to our deficit troubles.

    And anyway, isn’t keeping tax cuts low for the richest more important than the deficit? C’mon, Dana. Make your priorities clear:)

    From the report:

    CBO assumes that tax reductions enacted earlier in this decade that are currently set to expire at the end of this year do so as scheduled

    That’s without the continued Bush tax cuts that have been one of the biggest contributors to our deficit. You want to keep those tax cuts in place, thus making the budget situation even worse.

  6. Henry Whistler Says:

    jtl909 gets to the heart of things: The Republicans are incapable of describing why America is suffering right now, so how can they address it? Capitalism has broken on us again, and the damage was done on Bush’s watch and via Bush/GOP policies and ideals. They got to run the country the way they wanted, and this is what we got for it.

    Sure, Obama could have pulled off a few more tricks and had some more people to balance the Wall St.-stacked cabinet. More courage and fight would have helped him subdue political opposition as well.

    Yet, as Dana illustrates, we’re still dealing with the people who caused all the problems, who think the solution is more of the same Bush/Cheney/GOP policies that got us here. Lower the taxes some more, and we’ll snap right back! Nevermind that the Bush tax cuts never did a thing to save us and only sunk us deeper. Because we were already broke after Bush, Obama was in a weaker position to stimulate the economy.

    Naturally, the Republicans will take all this info, toss it out the window and keep bleating their same shit, hoping that Obama’s numbers prove their case for them.

    But like I said, it’s kind of amazing Obama’s numbers are as high as they are. I think there’s still a solid base of Americans out there, no matter how screechy the right is, that knows what kind of challenges Obama has had thrown at him. And none of them wish fucking John McCain and Sarah Palin were in the White House screwing up everything even worse.

    Obama’s been an imperfect firefighter, but that’s no reason to hire the arsonists.

  7. Henry Whistler Says:

    Okay, so Obama’s plan is some weak-shit Republican stuff that we’d lambast a Bush for busting his ass to come up with.

    Obama has learned fear. If the Republicans get the House, kiss real reform goodbye. With both houses of Congress he generally ends up pushing weak-sauce Republican ideas. Take away that much, and screw it. And I guess we will never be able to elect enough Democrats to get some actual Democratic policies passed again.

    I hope this is only the wine speaking…

  8. Group2012 Says:

    Wow, can’t tell when you’re sober and when you’re not then, because your writing is nonsense either way.

    SPENDING is what contributes to our national budget woes and weak economy, NOT tax cuts.

  9. Henry Whistler Says:

    Of course. We could cut our taxes to zero and be just fine.

    Look, Thayer, I don’t know if you know this, but taxes pay for the spending. If you cut taxes without cutting spending, you have a problem. If you raise spending without raising taxes, you have a problem.

    Can you ever say something intelligent, just once?

  10. AJKamper Says:

    A LIBERTARIAN–like, Cato Institute libertarian–on how spending increases when taxes are cut, because people don’t feel personally responsible for their spending when taxes are low.

    Want to decrease spending? RAISE TAXES.

  11. AJKamper Says:

    Oh, a blog postfrom the National Review–yes, THAT National Review–summarizing the facts that show cutting taxes to raise revenue is a crock and doesn’t work that way.

    The only conservatives who spout this crap are political operatives and scam victims–by the latter, the people who have been suckered into believing you can get something for nothing.

  12. Group2012 Says:

    Wow, you guys just can’t be honest at all, you even resort to changing the url provided that refutes your claims. Heck, you don’t have the courage to even address it. Then you unwittingly support what folks at the Coralville Courier have been telling you for some time…..

    That tax cuts without cuts in spending don’t provide the positives desired, that being individuals and businesses having a greater ability to create and achieve, and smaller, less intrusive government. It’s about the people, NOT the government!

    You’ve been schooled on that from the beginning.

    Here’s the url again, let’s see if the lowroad folks at IowaLiberal tamper with it again:

  13. Henry Whistler Says:

    Yes, we will, and stick it up your ass.

    Spending talk from wingers is rarely serious, since military cuts are usually ruled out. The truth is that most people like most spending. Funny fact: Most spending is voted on by democratically elected representatives! So guess what? We’ve got a huge military industrial complex, partially because of moneyed interests but mostly because rightwingers can’t stand the thought of somebody somewhere thinking we don’t have big dicks.

    And we’ve got Social Security, because we don’t think old people should be forced into poverty and starvation. We’ve got Medicare, because we don’t think they should be left to die. We’ve got Medicaid and other health care plans, because we don’t believe in leaving sick people to die simply for being poor.

    That’s most of our spending. We’re in trouble because Bush ran up the spending with his wars, slashed taxes, and then blew up the economy via GOP deregulation. So we have low tax rates in a time when fewer people are making money, and we still have a bunch of Bush spending to account for, although Obama has certainly taken ownership of Afghanistan now.

    I say this for the benefit of any reader, as you are too stupid and dishonest to incorporate anything you didn’t hear first on Limbaugh.