Getting warmer…

Monday, September 6th, 2010 @ 12:15 pm | Politics

If Obama still has his sense of jiu-jitsu, he knows this is where he can press the offensive on Republicans. I dare the bastards to filibuster a single jobs bill before November.


6 Responses to “Getting warmer…”

  1. ladk Says:

    Oh the Republicans will veto a jobs bill and they’ll most likely have the moral high ground for it too.

    It all depends on whether the democrats opt to pay for a jobs bill as per the pay-go rule, that they spearheaded mind you, or they’ll ignore pay-go. There by breaking their own rules they wanted just so they can call the Repulicans “The Party of No.”

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    The moral high ground for killing a jobs bill when we have 9.5 unemployment?

    When Republicans will rubber stamp any spending bill that goes towards the military?

    And the Republicans are the Party of No. That’s indisputable. Maybe if they hadn’t shattered all records by continuously filibustering for 2 years straight, they could have avoided that reputation.

  3. ladk Says:

    I’m sure that if the Democrats would, you know, cave every once in a while and actually find a way to pay for their bills that the Republicans would happily vote for it.

    Republican’s would rubber stamp any spending bill eh?

    As I recall 91% of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and 99% in the Senate voted for the 2010 Defense Spending bill. Seems to me like the Dems love themselves some guns.

  4. Henry Whistler Says:

    Find a way to pay? There’s this thing called taxes, which are incredibly low right now. Oh, yeah, the GOP is high on anti-tax theology.

  5. ladk Says:

    Or instead of raising taxes your party could always take the money from the mostly unspent Stimulus Package and put that towards a jobs bill.

    If that doesn’t float you could always take it from somewhere else. There are loads of programs that have money being spent on something that isn’t exactly a must have necessity in these times.

  6. Henry Whistler Says:

    The stimulus was half tax cuts, remember? The actual money spent is depleting, although I agree that the money should have been used directly for job programs, preferably public works projects that can put people to work.

    That said, we can not now and never could afford the Bush tax cuts, so they need to expire. I say let them all expire, but there’s so much shameless pandering from the right on taxes that likely only the rich will see an increase.

    Ultimately, though, it needs to be remembered that paying for spending is a Democrat notion, not a Republican one. The same Republicans who you say would vote for something if it was paid for gladly voted for every dollar of deficit spending Bush wanted. Medicare part D was passed without even the slightest concern about where the money would come from. The Iraq war was waged the same way. At least they thought the Bush tax cuts would pay for themselves, but the reality is that they are the biggest culprit behind our deficit spending.

    Taxes are irresponsibly low and need to go back to Clinton levels ( you know, back when we were prosperous). Anybody saying different is selling you something.