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Thursday, September 30th, 2010 @ 5:33 pm | Clueless Conservatives

Oh, we definitely need big gubmint and dem TRIAL LAWYERS when somebody teases a conservative:

Breitbart didn’t respond to our requests for comment, but he has been using Twitter to lash out at those who describe O’Keefe as part of Breitbart’s “crew.”

“Not his employer. When criticizing journalism always try to practice good journalism,” he tweeted to Nicole Sandler, a radio host who had retweeted something that called Breitbart O’Keefe’s “employer/coward.”

When Oliver Willis, who writes for Media Matters, tweeted that “@andrewbreitbart’s crew strikes again,” Breitbart shot back, “‘@andrewbreitbart’s crew’? do you want to get sued for libel?”

Well, considering Breitbart has stated he pays James O’Keefe a salary, calling him one of Breitbart’s crew doesn’t strike me as libel, so I’ll say it: He’s one of Breitbart’s crew. And if you didn’t hear, Breitbart is trying to drop the O’Keefe connection because, get this, the ugly little fucker’s latest grand scheme was to fill a boat with sex toys, get a CNN reporter on the boat, then seduce her. What?

Even if he were a stud who could pull it off…what’s the angle there? Um, CNN reporters are sluts or something? UPDATE: John Cole answers here:

Any video he got from the boat would have been “proof” of whatever they claimed it would be. These are the folks who took a video of Shirley Sherrod rejecting racism and used it to… call her a racist. These are the folks who had Acorn officials fired for… calling the authorities when they went in and pretended to be sex traffickers and the Acorn folks did the right thing. All they needed was videotape of anything involving Abbie Bordreaux on that boat. It doesn’t matter if she was repulsed or what she actually did, they would lie and edit the video and it would become whatever they wanted it to be.

Yeah, keep running, Breitbart. And keep your lawyers in your pants, asshole.


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