Jack Conway supporters bring a gun to a knife fight.

Sunday, October 17th, 2010 @ 12:20 am | Disappointing Dems, Election crap

Instead of baselessly stabbing Nancy Pelosi, whose House passed nearly every bill liberals wanted or had even dreamed of, and running away from being a Democrat, supporters of Jack Conway act like Democrats and stands up for working class Americans:

Democrats were destined to lose seats this election, but many have been too weak to go out fighting. They want to go out looking more GOP-lite. Well, guess what, fuckers? Nobody respects you. Republicans just laugh and Democrats get further demoralized. I dunno, but any election result where Blanche Lincoln, who actually threatened to filibuster the health care reform bill over the public option, loses her job can’t be all bad.

Chickenshit Democrats lose when they win, and brave Democrats win even if they lose. I wish I could say that about Republicans, but people like Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell have proven that self-confidence without merit has been accepted as credit for far too long. Democrats have good arguments to make against the Republicans and for themselves, so there’s no excuse for insufficient mettle.


p.s. Edited to reflect that Conway didn’t do the ad himself.

4 Responses to “Jack Conway supporters bring a gun to a knife fight.”

  1. Dana Says:

    Fortunately, the Bluegrass State — where I grew up — seems likely to elect Rand Paul to the Senate seat being vacated by Jim Bunning.

    When I lived in Kentucky, it was solidly Democratic, but it was conservative Democratic; the Democrats in Kentucky, at the state and local levels, were nowhere near as liberal as the Democrats in Washington.

    It’s a Poli Sci 101 lesson: the strongest predictor of someone’s party identification is his parents’ party identification! But as years and years of Washington Democrats being further to the left took its toll, more conservative young people began to register Republican while their parents remained Democrats.

    Kentucky is a mostly red state right now.

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  3. ladk Says:

    I wonder what kind of context that the line “sometimes accidents happen was in”.

    You know if it was really negligence on such a massive scale like that union claims why don’t they just sue the company that caused the deaths for all they’re worth and be done with it?

  4. Henry Whistler Says:

    “I wonder what kind of context that the line “sometimes accidents happen was in”.”

    I wonder if you’re a member of Al Queda.

    Would you mind doing some research before making insinuations?