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Friday, October 29th, 2010 @ 8:34 am | Politics

Not that anybody will let this disturb their narratives:

As for future politics, Americans overwhelmingly trust the Dems on healthcare, favor the GOP on debt reduction (go figure) and split between the parties on creating jobs. But here’s the critical thing: a whopping 78 percent want the Republicans to compromise with Obama rather than stick to their positions in the next two years; 76 percent want the Dems to do the same; and a slightly lower percentage, but still overwhelming, wants Obama to compromise too: 69 percent.

In other words, this looks to me as if the public wants to force a deal by both sides to grapple with the long-term debt, the economy and healthcare. Now, who do they think is most likely to do that?
72 percent say that Obama will compromise; but only 46 percent say the Republicans will. I’d say that gives Obama clear edge in future politics, and helps explain why he remains more popular than anybody else in politics, has a solid 46 percent rating even in a deep recession and has higher favorables than anyone else.

Despite Obama’s ratings, which historically are higher than Reagan’s or Clinton’s at this point in their presidencies, it’s pretty clear that he’s gotten a lot of heat from the left to go with the unfounded fury on the right. As his sit-down with some prominent bloggers illustrated, Obama is showing that he can hold his own in a room with most anybody. It’s too bad that he’s waited until the final weeks of the election season for this kind of reach-out, but he’s always got to do that last-minute push thing. It’s his trademark, y’know. Worked really well in 2008. Got him Health Care Reform passed too. Maybe it’s done something to avert the worst. If the people just want to give the Republicans the House in order to make them actually responsible for what’s going on as well as the Democrats, then so be it, goddammit.

I, for one, am getting tired of their incessant mewling since Jan. 20th, 2009, the instant passing of the buck to Obama of Bush’s disaster, plain and simple. Devoid of anything resembling a solution, they’ve been free of the need to provide one. Everything that happens, no matter what, they hang on the Democrats and then puff each other up about how they’re fighting teh evil COMMUNISTS!!! But the public doesn’t really see it that way:

Only 8 percent blame Obama for the current economy. 30 percent blame Bush; 22 percent blame Wall Street; 13 percent blame Congress. They’re not as delusional as Fox News wants them to be.

Wow, only 8 percent of Americans are rightwing bloggers…


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