Sanity rally sees three times more people than came to watch Glenn Beck take a dump on MLK’s grave.

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 @ 11:10 pm | Politics

Est. 215,000


6 Responses to “Sanity rally sees three times more people than came to watch Glenn Beck take a dump on MLK’s grave.”

  1. Jldmeyer Says:

    I find it funny that the Republicans/Birthers/Tea Baggers all are crying that they want to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. From whom? Was there some sort of coup in the Senate where these liberals forced out the Republicans at gun point? So who are we reclaiming our country from? Terrorists? I find it hilarious that somehow putting Republicans back into their own version of power will solve the world’s problems. Wasn’t it Republicans who spent the crap out of Clinton’s surplus? Wasn’t even George Bush himself disgusted at the size of spending his own party was throwing at him? This will be one of those “you get what you asked for” moments in American history. The Republicans cried that Obama wouldn’t be bi-partisan enough but now that it could be their turn, it sounds like they are overthrowing a dictator. It is crazy talk. Just remember that this rally was about restoring sanity. It isn’t about the Republicans. It isn’t about the Democrats. Our political venue is absolutely INSANE! And the issues that both parties feel are most important are actually 5th or 6th on our actual lists of important things. The real truth: instead of worrying about our food supply we are worried about gay marriage. Case closed.

  2. mike g Says:

    Glenn Beck fans get counted twice because they’re more American.

  3. cbmc Says:



    enjoy lots of this I’m guessing

  4. Yorkshire Says:

    SeeBS – Home of Dan Rather

  5. Henry Whistler Says:

    Fox – Republican Pravda.

    It was so awesome when you champions of journalism got your own channel and turned it into an open propaganda outlet. And anybody who isn’t Fox is suspect.

  6. Jeremy B Says:

    Wait, Glenn Beck took a dump on someone’s grave? That’s kinda hot. You guys should have told me! I thought he just cried and screamed hysterically at a couple dozen people.

    (PS: Completely kidding, except for that last sentence. I swear.)