Quick one.

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 @ 2:01 am | Politics

The wildly irresponsible tax cut deal can go to hell.

Two years of OOOOH NO THE DEFICIT! and we get this budget-buster from Republicans. And then Obama is so goddamned stupid he agrees to let the Bush tax cuts get punted to the next election?

Gosh, I bet in two years we agree to extend them two more years! Or four! Or permanent!

If there are any Democrats with balls left, they know what to do.

12 Responses to “Quick one.”

  1. AJKamper Says:

    They do? What? Run for office? Just run?

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    The ones in office I meant…

  3. Dana Says:

    Perhaps y’all ought to take the poll posted in my sidebar: What’s the dumbest thing ever?

    Can someone please tell me how your rocket scientist President and brilliant Speakess of the House decided not to vote on the tax cut extension before the election? 🙂

    I had been thinking that they really didn’t want any tax cuts extended, and they delayed it until after the election hoping to use Republican opposition to increasing taxes on the top producers kill tax cuts for everybody. But then the President said no, he wanted the tax cuts, and, oh, by the way, unemployment is going to run out for a couple million people now, too.

    Y’all really couldn’t have done this much dumber.

  4. Henry Whistler Says:

    And I really should modify my declaration: if there is anybody who is even slightly fiscally responsible in Congress, they should know what to do.

    What’s the price tag on this fucker? More spending AND more tax cuts?

    The Tea Party is dead, Bush fiscal policy is back, all their regret was shit. They were Republicans who just wanted to make the mountain of money Wall St. Is sitting on a few meters taller. After all, it wasn’t TARP that really set them off, it was a minor housing program that only targeted the middle class.

    And here’s Obama, rolling out the red carpet.

    I can only hope that we haven’t jumped the shark.

  5. AJKamper Says:

    They didn’t try to get the tax rate changed before the election because they thought it would be too good of a sound bite for Republicans–after all, in the short term tax raises are tough to sell rhetorically, even if they’re a good idea.

    But screwing the pooch as they did now is pretty bad. I think the Republicans had a lot more than the Democrats to lose by letting the tax cuts expire; Obama’s negotiating strategy was just short of laughable.

    Incidentally–and maybe Dana knows this best of all–have any Tea Partiers come hard against the plan? Since the new Congress isn’t seated yet, they don’t have direct influence.

  6. Henry Whistler Says:

    Eh, Jim DeMint is trying to make some objections. Unless he can do the one Senator hold thing, or maybe Sanders, I don’t see the deal having any trouble getting the votes.

  7. mike g Says:

    So is it official? Do deficits no longer matter?

  8. mike g Says:

    And Dana? That bill for your daughters tuition and health care that we’re expected to pick up just got a little more expensive.

  9. Dana Says:

    Mr Whistler wrote:

    And I really should modify my declaration: if there is anybody who is even slightly fiscally responsible in Congress, they should know what to do.

    Well, the Republicans did object to the omnibus FY2011 spending bill that passed the House. It cuts FY2011 spending by only $46 billion compared to President Obama’s FY2011 request, and the GOP wants more cuts. Naturally, Senator Inouye, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, has his own substitute, which increases the spending by $20 billion.

    If the unemployment extension hadn’t been tied to this, I’m sure that the Democrats would do exactly what they’ve wanted to do all along, and let everybody’s taxes increase. Of course, that would mean that the incoming Republican majority in the House would pass a new tax cut bill in January, and if either the Democratic majority in the Senate stopped it or President Obama vetoed it, we’d have it nailed down for 2012: the Democrats lied in 2008, and increased your taxes.

    The only way that the Democrats could have won on this issue was to have passed the tax cut President Obama wanted, before the election. I really didn’t think that they’d have been this dumb!

  10. Henry Whistler Says:

    Except if the new Senate were to offer tax cuts for anybody but the richest, they would pass with flying colors. If Obama were to only refuse tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and claim he’d sign anything else for the other 95%, it wouldn’t be such a winning issue.

  11. Sickofspin Says:

    Progressive Democrats don’t want this thing passed, because they WANT the higher taxes in 2011 to cover their spending. True conservative Republicans don’t want this to pass either because there is up to $1 Trillion of spending adding to the debt in this bill. That leaves establishment Republicans and moderate Democrats approving the bill.

  12. Henry Whistler Says:

    Actually I would raise taxes to cover much of your spending. After all, the entire Bush presidency awaits to be paid for, as Junior put everything on Daddy’s credit card.

    And the bill is mostly tax cuts, not spending, but then again you’ve never known what the hell you’re talking about, so why start now?

    I mean, I’m glad we’re both opposed to it, really! But the point can’t be made often enough just how blitheringly ignorant you are, and how if you were ever right, it could only be accidentally.