More fake Republican outrage.

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 @ 3:34 am | Politics

So the guys who spent the past two years filibustering everything they could are outraged Democrats used the rules to use their majority to pass the middle class tax cut.

You know, that middle class tax cut Republicans plan on killing in the Senate. With their minority vote.

Of course, the librul media will totally call them on this blatant bullshit (not really). I just wonder how many drinks Boehner has to down to pipe off a whopper of a hypocritical whine like that.


4 Responses to “More fake Republican outrage.”

  1. cbmc Says:

    Actually I have to say this is the first time I’ve been impressed with Democratic gamesmanship in a long time – it’s starting to look like they may not cave on this, and all the tax cuts will expire. The Republicans are threatening to shut down the government over this; if their first act as the majority party is to shut down the government…well, we all remember how well that went for them last time they did it! The poorest working Americans don’t pay taxes anyway; they get refunds; they’ll still get refund checks under the pre-Bush rates. But middle-class families will see their rates go up, and Republicans as the majority party will be about as successful trying to hang that on the Democrats as the Democrats have been trying to hang their failures on the Republicans. When you’re in the majority you make concessions! It sucks! Ha: get used to it!

  2. Henry Whistler Says:

    Unfortunately, letting the tax cuts expire may depend on them. Obama seems content to let the GOP repeat the playbook in 2012.

    If Democrats had balls, they’d note that the expiration date was written by Republicans, and that the tax cuts have done nothing but cost us, and shall continue to soak us. Letting them expire is a passive act that says we just can’t afford the cost of the cuts. I think chaos is likely going to be what saves us, but an extension won’t be filibustered and if it got to the floor it would easily pass.

  3. ladk Says:

    If Democrats had balls, they’d note that the expiration date was written by Republicans

    Weren’t those dates only written by Republicans because the Democrats wouldn’t let the tax cuts pass unless they had an expiration agreement?

    I seem to recall the Republicans wanting to make them permanent and not have a sunset provision initially but the Democrats made them do it.

  4. Henry Whistler Says:

    Gosh, Democrats compromised with Republicans. Isn’t that something?

    Anyway, the tax cuts were passed by the 50 vote reconciliation maneuver, the thing that would have been oooooh-so-terrible if Democrats had used it for health care reform (they passed it without using reconciliation). The expiration date also allowed for rosier budget projections down the line. After all, they will continue to short us for $4 trillion in just the next ten years. Bush’s presidency was always about dodging accountability.

    So no, Republicans can’t dodge responsibility for that. Democrats were actually being fiscally responsible by opposing the cuts ten years ago. The sunset indicates how extreme those cuts were, and the fact that ten years later we can actually see they a) got us nowhere and b)sunk us into debt indicates that the sunset was a good thing that should be allowed to take place.