Finished Product

Saturday, December 11th, 2010 @ 10:37 pm | Politics

A little bit of video showing the finished product of some of the home improvement work we’ve been doing on the new edition.


7 Responses to “Finished Product”

  1. Sharon Says:

    If you want more projects, I got a few things around the house that need fixin’. And Texas is warmer. 🙂

  2. Common Sense Political Thought Says:

    Mike has finished (almost) the new room…

    Of course, he needed a bit better light, and we needed pictures of Ellen!……

  3. Dana Says:

    Of course, we’d rather see pics of Ellen! 🙂 But you do have excellent taste in the things you have up on your computer.

  4. mike g Says:

    My two lovelies.

    My two lovelies.

  5. cbmc Says:

    forgive my pedantry but I think it’s “new addition”

  6. Henry Whistler Says:

    You smug sonovabitch!

  7. mike Says:

    But I meant edition ironically!

    Not really. My mistake.

    Thanks, grammar troll, cbmc! /keeed