It’s hilarious that it’s even a question.

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 @ 3:10 pm | Deficit, Journamalism

Washington Post starting to taste reality?

Are House Republicans serious about dealing with the deficit?

When was it established that they were ever serious?

Now they’ve used their political clout from the legendary victory of 2010 to blow a trillion dollar hole in the deficit and have proudly announced their intention to completely de-link tax cuts from deficit calculations.

Y’know, Wal-Mart lowers their prices because it gets more butts in the store. When the government effectively lowers its prices, and says you can have all this wonderful infrastructure and aid, not to mention the world’s largest military complex (in order to play global chess) for less, people will get their butts in that government store. By telling people that if they want a program, they’re going to have to pay taxes for it, I’m being responsible. By telling people they don’t have to pay taxes for anything, and they swear to get around to making some cuts in the future, the Republicans pulled off quite a con job in 2010.

If it appears they weren’t able to foresee a single thing past Election Day, your eyes aren’t lying.

That said, I expect the press to spend the next two years still asking themselves this question. There are narratives to consider, you know.


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