For those hard of hearing.

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 @ 5:58 pm | Politics

Total visits to Iowa Liberal in the month of December was 42,512.

Iowa Liberal daily visits

Had half of those people commented we’d be taken seriously by some of our blogging lessers since the number of comments spawned by trolls, crackpots, and anti-government hypocrites is the only metric by which they judge success. If that’s what it takes then count us out. We’re happier with our more enlightened and humble readership.

Thanks for sticking with us all these years.

P.S. I know the graph isn’t showing up unless you click on the image above. I thought it looked like a Peter Saville design so I kept it.

One Response to “For those hard of hearing.”

  1. Henry Whistler Says:

    Yeah, this still has the power to astound me. Somebody’s reading? But I write better when I think nobody’s reading, so I don’t try too hard to break the illusion.

    I thought after the past two months of raising Fletcher instead of blogging we’d be down to 400-500. Perhaps the added drama of IS THIS THE END OF IOWA LIBERAL??? helped sustain interest.