Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 @ 12:45 am | We'll post whatever we goddamned want to, WTF?

There must be something to it.


4 Responses to “Faces/souls?”

  1. cbmc Says:

    fun exercise: tomorrow, the President will speak in Tucson. Tonight, write down your best prediction of how Malkin et al will attack/dismiss/belittle the content & delivery of his speech. See how many talking points you can predict! My call is: 1) “as always, it’s all about him” (if he refers to himself in the first person at all) 2) “why couldn’t he have done this on Monday/Tuesday? too little too late, he doesn’t really care” etc

  2. cbmc Says:

    oh yeah, and on the side, 3) “lotta gobbledygook about ‘mental illness.’ This isn’t mental illness…it’s EEEEVILLLL”

  3. Henry Whistler Says:

    Eh, they’ll use the mental illness angle to fully exonerate themselves, but they’ll stop short of, you know, doing anything about services for the mentally ill. There are priorities, you know.

  4. cbmc Says:

    Naw, I’m saying this’ll be another opportunity for the right to deny that there’s really any such thing as mental illness — just “good” and “evil.” That is a popular strategy among them when some crazy person does something and people say, jeez, I wish that guy could have gotten treated before he hurt somebody.