I don’t care who you are…

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 @ 2:04 am | Culture, Politics

…or what you believe. You must believe there is significance in this video:

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords warns Sarah Palin about her incendiary language and a year later gets shot in the head, now lying in a hospital with half of her skull removed so that her brain won’t swell up against it. It would seem that the first group of people to see import there would be the faithful, those who don’t necessarily rely on pure scientific reason to draw their conclusions about reality and the intervention of the supernatural. How do you believe in the Christian god that Sarah Palin believes in and not see importance in this sequence of events?

But if ye be not one of those inclined to credit unearthly forces, then perhaps you believe in karma. While Rep. Giffords certainly did nothing herself to reap her shooting, if you draw back to look at karma within society, the waving of pitchforks is unlikely to be unconnected to death by pitchfork.

And if even that is too mystical for you, then you believe in science, and fractal interactions between human beings that produce a general effect of “reaping what you sow.” A world in which politicians freely talk of “Second Amendment remedies” for lost elections and voters approve is by several orders of magnitude more likely to feature politicians getting shot. In a world where a butterfly’s wings in China knock over a tree in Iowa, loose talk of “Second Amendment remedies” gets public servants killed.

Ultimately, if you’re just a remotely decent person, you recognize Sarah Palin and other prominent GOP figures using violent language about the Democrats being Socialist Fascists seeking to kill Grandma and destroy American culture, fulfilling sinister Marxist plans to turn American Communist from the inside out…and then you see somebody actually take a bullet to one of those Democrats. It’s that moment when you realize just how far off the reservation Palin and her Tea Party were. It wasn’t just heated political banter. People actually get killed in politics, and historically it’s practically the norm. Sometimes reality intervenes, and we realize how nonchalantly we bantered over serious things.

All I’ve been looking for from the right is some sense of, “We’ve been stupid, and we will do better in the future.” In a turn of events that has me in a stupor, Roger Ailes has actually sent a memo to the FOX crowd to tone it down. Risking the admission of guilt, Ailes realizes that the extreme rhetoric may potentially backfire on FOX further. It’s difficult to believe he had it in him, but then again, it seems the barest minimum of decency.


2 Responses to “I don’t care who you are…”

  1. mike Says:

    I think Gifford owes Palin an apology.

  2. Jldmeyer Says:

    And liberals like you are taking advantage of a terrible terrorist event where precious lives were lost for the sake of political gain? For shame!

    And as the wonderful Lois Griffin said, “Nine………eleven.”