Didn’t really care.

Thursday, January 27th, 2011 @ 10:29 pm | Disappointing Dems

Would have suited me just fine if Rahm Emanuel got booted off the ticket in Chicago. Politicians should generally actually live where they’re getting elected. Some say it allows us to have more good choices for leadership. On the other hand, over time the ruling class is less and less representative. And screw Rahm anyway.


6 Responses to “Didn’t really care.”

  1. Yorkshire Says:

    I can agree with that. But in Chicago, force and might over rule sanity.

  2. Dana Says:

    If Rahm Emanuel were ineligible to run for mayor of Chicago because he had been spending his time in DC working for the federal government, wouldn’t that mean that none of our congresscritters could run for a second term because they’d have spent most of their time in Washington instead of their districts?

    Of course, if such a law forced Congress to remain out of session for more than half of the year, it could be seen as quite positive! 🙂

  3. Dana Says:

    I’ve seen it noted elsewhere — something I should have thought of myself — that we have several situations in which a person can claim legal residency in a particular location even when he’s usually not physically present. Soldiers, for example, list permanent home residences, and pay their taxes to those localities even when deployed elsewhere. A lot of service members choose to change their permanent residences to other places they can legitimately claim — my former brother-in-law changed his permanent residence to Florida once he was assigned to Patrick AFB, because Florida has no state income tax — for particular reasons.

  4. ellen Says:

    Mrs. Iowa America actually lives in Chicago. Madness!

  5. Dana Says:

    Ellen wrote:

    Mrs. Iowa America actually lives in Chicago. Madness!

    Well, given that the more vociferous of the Iowa Liberals lives in California . . .

  6. mike g Says:

    I’ve got dual citizenship. I did some research on it and all I’d have to do is renounce my US birth and pledge fealty to the crown of England.