So how’s that new Republican Congress working out?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 @ 12:08 pm | Clueless Conservatives

Well, besides doing a deal after the election to gouge the country for another trillion dollars in the name of continuing a tax cut policy that didn’t work the past ten years, they’re also expanding the number of permissable forms of rape, trying to make sure the country doesn’t have universal health care, and working on plans to further allow the destruction/poisoning of the environment.

No, I’m not using hyperbole, that’s what they’re actually doing. I guess we’ve just entered this frame of mind that they couldn’t possibly be doing those horrible things because patriotic Americans wouldn’t possibly do such horrible things, but no, they do. Like pro-Mubarek counter-protesters in Egypt, there is always a constituency for barbarism.

Senate Democrats and Obama should make a field day out of squashing every screwed up thing the GOP tries. If you can’t win on protecting rape victims, providing health care for all, and preserving our environment, then you just don’t belong in politics (politics being a very different thing from governing effectively).


P.S. And we’re talking about an EPA already so neutered by corporate interests that it approved bee-killing pesticide for use on all major crops. Hey, it’s only our food chain at risk here.

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