Saturday, February 5th, 2011 @ 5:24 pm | Clueless Conservatives, Deficit

I just used this link, but by Jove you’ve absolutely got to give it a second look. Quick question: How much would anything the Tea Party said make sense if Republicans stopped labeling the 2009 budget as Obama’s?

Strangely, CATO, the actual libertarian guys, were pointing out the inanity all along:

What about the so-called stimulus, they will ask, with its $787 billion price tag? Or the omnibus fiscal-year 2009 appropriations bill? And how about Cash for Clunkers and Obama’s expansion of the children’s health insurance program? Didn’t these all boost spending in 2009?

The answer is yes. But these boondoggles amounted to just a tiny percentage of FY2009 spending — about $140 billion out of a $3.5 trillion budget — as the pie chart nearby illustrates.

I always wonder why reality offers so many opportunities for people with loose regard for the truth to fudge the facts. It’s just so obvious, yet so subtle. Just like the crash. I mean, Bush walked out of office handing Obama an economy in freefall and a massive deficit, and the GOP has just painlessly and guiltlessly labeled it all Obama’s doing. Call the Bush budget Obama’s budget, call the Bush recession Obama’s recession, and keep saying it over and over again. They certainly got rewarded for the constant lying, so what’s going to get them to stop?


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