Playing victim is one of the most consistent strategies among bigots.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 @ 11:29 pm | Christian Right, teh gay

Looks like Iowa Republicans are introducing a bill that would legalize just about any form of bigotry and discrimination by businesses if the person working there says it’s their religion.

Of course, the bill is designed to be a Jim Crow law for gays, but the wording is pretty loose and could apply to any marriage the person found objectionable.

Either way, this is utterly indefensible, but it’s representative of the mentality of bigotry.

In order to justify their desire to discriminate against gay people, the few remaining homophobes have concocted a scenario where they are The Real Victims. They can say what they want, set up churches or mosques that preach what they want, and turn away gay people from their homes every day of the week if they so desire—and I would defend every one of those rights to the last ditch. There is only one thing they can’t do. They can’t choose to offer a service to the general public, and then turn people away on the basis of race or sexuality. They can’t put up de facto signs saying ‘No blacks, no Irish, no gays’ at their B&B.

Precisely. The victimhood must be shifted to the bigot. Naturally, this argument was used against blacks and other minorities, most recently by Rand Paul. Who is the government to tell you you have to let a black person buy your gas? Many variants involve turning tolerance around to say that tolerance also must include the intolerant…except they mean to the point of letting them actually practice that intolerance, thereby changing nothing.

This isn’t a form of prejudice—it is a way of preventing prejudice.

But it’s teh gay, and these so-called Christians simply can’t control their hatred enough to treat them as the American citizens they are.


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