An easy lay-up.

Friday, March 25th, 2011 @ 8:55 am | Politics

Couldn’t pass this one up:


Wisconsin Republicans say the state is too broke to pay for teachers, but they just gave the 26-year-old mistress of a union-busting Republican Senator a state job with a fat raise. It’s a classic Republican scandal filled with hypocrisy, cronyism, and their special version of “family values.”

Here’s the story. Last year, Wisconsin Republican state Senator Randy Hopper left his wife to live with a young Republican political operative. Last month, as Governor Scott Walker unveiled legislation calling for deep cuts in state workers’ salaries and collective bargaining rights, Hopper’s mistress was hired by the state on the advice of Scott Walker’s cabinet as a “communications liaison.” Further, her salary is 35% higher than her predecessor’s.

Randy Hopper is now facing recall. At Daily Kos, by using something called Google Surge, we can make sure that when anyone in Hopper’s district goes online for almost an entire week they will see an ad about the scandal.

Hopper, like Republican Family Values Hall of Famer and 2012 favorite Newt Gingrich, traded his wife in for a newer model and gave her a cush job and a big raise. No doubt the cries of “smear campaign!” will be heard from coast to coast when that little morsel of information becomes better known but it’s going to be difficult to generate any sympathy among regular voters (as opposed to the online devoted) when the “smear” happens to be dead-on accurate.

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