When wanting to hate Obama leads you to invent standards you can’t pass…

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 @ 1:19 am | Clueless Conservatives

Trump doesn’t have a birth certificate.

51% of Republicans are birthers, and another 21% are unsure. Only 28% of Republicans can acknowledge the basic, long proven fact that he was born in Hawaii. Once again, there is the difference. Whatever the subject, Republicans invent their own facts to satisfy their emotional needs and can not be unconvinced, because most anybody trying isn’t a Republican, and the last few sane ones are castigated as traitors. How can we possibly expect this crowd to fix our country’s problems? Basic competence eludes them when ideology is at stake.

And yes, birtherism is racist. This has always been about the need to portray Obama as Other, a foreigner with a foreign name, typically also having a foreign religion, steeped in foreign ideologies from Mao, Stalin, etc., resentful of hard-working white Americans and American (white) culture. Naturally, since they can convince themselves of all of this, it’s easy to convince themselves they aren’t racist and get all pissed about it, but as they demonstrate, basic credibility is beyond their reach. It doesn’t have to be that way, but until the remaining 28% start getting pissy about things like paying attention to facts and basic objectivity in determining them, the Republican label (and, of course, Tea Party, since they are just the GOP base trying to put on a new face) will remain saddled with this baggage. Unfortunately, just being white means getting tagged with a little bit of this baggage too, so to my fellow white people, you need to calm the hell down.


UPDATE: Trump seems to have produced a genuine birth certificate. Guess what? Obama was still born in Hawaii. Sorry.

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