What the hell…

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 @ 6:07 pm | Crazy Tea Party People

…is up with Republicans and child labor laws?

This is in Maine, previous incident in Missouri here. They just voted to end Medicare, are they really going to go full court with ending child labor laws?


2 Responses to “What the hell…”

  1. mike g Says:

    FINALLY Republicans are doing something about these ridiculous child labor laws.

  2. Jldmeyer Says:

    Because the responsibility of child workers falls on the parents, not the federal government. Just another example of their overreaching power and wasted tax dollars!

    The part that really shows the bill for what it is….these laws run all the way up to 20 years old. They will receive a reduced minimum wage. How on earth is a college student going to afford college delivering pizzas for $5.25/hr. when gas is $3.80 a gallon. Wait. How on earth would a high schooler be able to save up for college when they work for $5.25/hr. at the local HyVee. Wait. How on earth would a middle/lower class kid be able to afford college. There lies the truth here. Kill the school unions. (in progress) Kill the ability to afford college. (in the works) Kill medicare/medicaid/social security. (no more welfare for old people) Wow. Really trying to kill the middle and lower classes there!