Can one really get the right to stop with mere facts?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011 @ 1:58 am | Politics

I’ve seen no evidence that doing so works in the past, but maybe Obama’s gamble with his long-form birth certificate will work. The fringe is already pulling out their Dick Tracy decoder rings to generate more crazy, and the “respectable” Republicans are whining WHY DID HE TAKE SO LONG (is that question really asked with the subtext that the accusations were unfounded and already disproven? Of course not…), and some on the Beltway are apparently afraid to doubt Trump’s claim that this is a win for him, but so far it seems to have done a lot to dissuade most sane people from entertaining the notion that Obama was not a citizen any longer. Now that there is precious little weasel room left (and again, let’s be clear here, Obama proved two years ago that he was a natural born citizen), any GOP politician who isn’t living in a pure red district knows not to go near the subject again (those living in the purest red districts may calculate that they have nothing to lose, and they’ll be right about that).

Ultimately, what stands out the most about today is that we witnessed the complete destruction of a rumor’s legs, and that the GOP was caught flirting with, promoting, and even believing what was already flatly untrue, past the point of responsibility. Yet they had to be super-debunked. It wasn’t enough to catch their hands in the cookie jar, we had to do a stomach pump to retrieve the cookie. We had to test cookie-laden feces, folks. And the popular media wasn’t willing to step in any longer, was rarely willing to stand up and say what was right and what was wrong (kudos to CNN for trying), they had to concede to the right’s maniacal demand that yet more proof be added to the already unimpeachable evidence. Yet how often are we afforded opportunities to destroy rumors so completely? How often can we reach a bar of evidence that is always moving, always dancing backwards, with no reward or apology for clearing?

In other words, the bar for what it takes to make Republicans shut the hell up has been set very, very high. And if Republicans don’t shut up, the media dutifully reports it as a controversy, which further rewards Republicans. The public rewards the process by declaring itself completely confused. In a snapshot, our dysfunction. It is almost beyond our capacity as a nation to identify and move forward with the truth.


2 Responses to “Can one really get the right to stop with mere facts?”

  1. reality check Says:

    Facts? You can’t handle the facts. The truth is most Republicans aren’t birthers, but you tried to paint all as such.

    Facts? You can’t even admit when you’re wrong, which is most of the time. But then again, you’re liberal, so I suppose denial is in your dna.

    Here’s a quote from the Iowa Liberal, attempting to discredit Sarah Palin and inflation talk back in November: “Inflation is the least of our worries right now and there’s no sign that it’s going to be an issue in the future.”


    Sarah Palin – 56,711
    Iowa Liberal – 0

  2. Jldmeyer Says:

    What I find funny is the fact that they feel that this is all Obama’s fault. He should have produced the long form YEARS ago. The real truth? How much time and effort have they wasted thinking, steaming, and squirming in their seats because they couldn’t take the president for his word. They brandished him a liar and it is his fault for not telling the truth fast enough. The truth is, he did and so did others. Obama said he was born in Hawaii. The governor of Hawaii saw the document and confirmed a Hawaiian birth. Two newspapers reported his birth. All of them were brandished liars until more “proof” was released. And the sad fact is that they still don’t believe it doesn’t come as a surprise. The Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, and our wonderful Hollow Earth continue to exist as well. Oh well, now we just have to wait it out until his college transcripts are released to prove he deserved to go to Harvard. Maybe that picture of Obama at Harvard was taken on the same set as the faked moon landing. You’ll never know unless he proves it!!