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Friday, April 29th, 2011 @ 5:17 pm | Politics

John Cole points out something right in front of our noses:

I really don’t think many people appreciate how under assault the black community has felt since Obama was elected. A time of celebration, that of the first black President, through the sheer nastiness of a segment of our population and amplified by their accomplices in the media, has been turned into a several year period where day by day folks have felt personally attacked. That is what is so ugly about these racist attacks by Trump- they don’t hurt Obama in the least. They do, however, gut punch every black person in the country with the exception of Michael Steele, who is just too stupid to notice he is being denigrated. It’s sick, really.

This is, of course, nothing new. Ask yourself how gay people feel every single time Brian Fischer or one of those scumbags opens their mouths. Ask how the Latino community has felt during the last decade with the rise of the xenophobic right. If anything, the only thing that has changed is this time it seems much more open and overt. What people used to whisper quietly to like-minded folks they go on national tv and say, or email everyone their picture of Obama in tribal dress with a bone through his nose. Some shithead child of extreme wealth and privilege can go on tv and question whether Obama deserved to get into Harvard while men who love goats scream “affirmative action,” and when confronted, they act all huffy because someone pointed out their racism.

To me, it seems black people haven’t been saying a lot over the past couple years, except to look each other in the eye and say, “Yep.” None of this is surprising to them. You think a few relatively civil years in polite society made them forget about the previous four hundred? Like Eskimos and snow, blacks know every kind of racism, strong and subtle. Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican shitpile fanning the flames of the now extinguished birther movement, and immediate pivot to affirmative action dog whistling may in Trump’s eyes not mean anything to “the blacks,” but the blacks they know, oh, yes, they remember and they know. If you don’t entirely erase the African-American perspective from your moral calculus, if American culture means something more to you than idolizing whites for driving industry and “creating wealth,” then that judgment should carry some weight with you.


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