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Saturday, May 21st, 2011 @ 5:50 pm | Politics, Taxes

Enjoy these pics. Somebody feel free to note any discrepancies or changes. The first one is older:

Of course, it’s important to note that by “Bush tax cuts” one includes the tax cuts for all Americans, which constitute 75% of the damage. Yes, America, it’s the fact that you’re not paying those horrible Clinton-era tax rates that is contributing so heavily to our deficit problems. Obama and most Democrats have, unfortunately, consistently harped on raising tax cuts for the rich only and letting the other 75% of the tax cuts stay in place, since that sounds, on the surface, like the best message in an election.

What we need is actual leadership to tell the country a hard truth that isn’t really that hard. Most Americans would give anything to return to the prosperity of the nineties, and that sense of hope we felt when we started to see hope for paying down our deficit and shoring up Social Security and Medicare. Now these things seem like impossible dreams, and the Republicans have solidified themselves behind simply ending Medicare and Social Security as we know it and privatizing them. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Besides, there’s another more important principle at work here. Our future obligations are one thing, but there’s a tab we already ran up, and every American is on the hook for that bill. Our democratically elected leaders spent a lot of money already, and it’s time to pony up. George W. Bush committed a grave act of fiscal irresponsibility slashing our taxes the second our fortunes started to pick up. There were outstanding bills at the time, and he went on a rampage of slashing taxes and increasing spending dramatically.

Talk to me about low taxes after we’ve paid down our debts and fortified the social obligations that maintain massive popular support. That’s what responsibility is about.


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