How dare you suggest I’m Polish!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 @ 9:17 pm | Politics, teh gay


My guess is that the only people who are seriously offended by those wondering if Marcus is gay are probably people for whom “gay” is a terrible insult, and they’re also the people who oppose gay civil rights. Similarly, in 1948, the people who would be extremely offended by the notion of Strom fathering a black child are those who opposed civil rights for African Americans. Well-intended non-bigots like Joyner and Thomas, who are not offended by the notion of homosexuality, shouldn’t feel the need to carry water for someone who’s devoted his life to ruining the lives of vulnerable teenagers and denying civil rights to fellow citizens. Marcus Bachmann doesn’t deserve it.

Michele and Marcus Bachmann have made one thing clear, and that is their contempt for gay people, which in Marcus’ case seems to be largely self-directed. And in GOP world, that’s awesome-sauce! But I prefer to think gay people are awesome-sauce, and these two are wankers.


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