Politics is not about your ego.

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 @ 4:32 am | Clueless Conservatives

Well, I kind of feel a bit sorry that we here at Iowa Liberal have chased off most of the Republican commenters over at Dana’s site, but Dana’s real problem is that he has more faith in Republican theory than it deserves. Republican ideas do no thrive and survive in a contentious but honest debate where score is actually kept and commenters are held accountable for their words. They’re about power, not truth. They’re farmed thought, developed in paid think tanks and talk radio diatribes controlled by fat sweaty men locked in their studios with the power to screen calls and cut the mic when things get too hot. They’re sold to the masses with promises that they’ll get rich too, and that if they seek to steer the economy in a way that benefits anybody other than the top 1%, they’re being greedy and they’ll scare away the delicate rich people and then there’ll be no more money.

Dana’s had liberal commentators for some time, sure, but they lacked our killer instinct;) When I debate, it’s towards an end: actually sorting out who’s full of shit and who’s right. There’s a verdict to be had, and there are rules for getting there. If you follow the rules, you’re more likely to not be the one with your pants down at the end of the debate.

Republican blogs and other media formats generally exist to create echo chambers where rightwingers can mutually inflate each other’s egos and reinforce the daily talking points from FOX/Limbaugh/etc. On most Republican blogs, Democrats are squelched quickly and banned unless they’re easy to kick around, but Dana had the idea that his Republican site was going to have free speech. Well, sunshine kills the lies, Dana. And one by one we’ve gone over there and gone head-to-head with the commenters at his site until they’re forced to either concede (almost never happens) or just run away (almost always happens). Brian, Sharon, DNW, Eric, assovertincups, ropelight, Hube, I’ve had knockdown drag-out battles with each of them, and in each case I simply stood my ground and argued my case, making them exhaust all their tricks (a combination of continuous insulting and whining) until they had no choice but to slink off. And standing my ground doesn’t mean just repeating myself it means this: Have I answered all of your questions? Have you answered all of mine? Invariably, I am expected to jump hurdle after hurdle, but most of my questions are dodged. Well, sorry, guys, but why should I run away with my tail between my legs when I can see you dodging my points? It only makes me smell blood.

Of course, they hate posts like this the most, because they can’t stand being held accountable, somebody else saying, “No, you’re wrong, and this is why,” until it can’t be ignored any longer. Their method is always to challenge certainty, to sow doubt, to pretend there’s a valid alternative theory (BUT BTW THE REPUBLICAN ONE IS RIGHT!!!) where there is none. But when I turn around and ask why I shouldn’t say I won an argument, on what grounds should I believe I was actually the person in the wrong, I just get more flailing.

Well, I’m conservative that way. There are standards that should be upheld, even if they interfere with somebody’s agenda. If you don’t serve Truth, you will eventually be lost. And what a better week to illustrate that than this one, where supply-side tax-cutting Republicans look out at a low tax/low demand world they created yet can’t understand because it’s sinking. They are ready to throw the country to the credit wolves to avoid acknowledging how we got here.

We’re done coddling bullshitters. They’ve hurt the country now, and they should be expected to answer for what they’re doing. Sorry about your delicate feelings, guys, but there are more important things in the world.


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  1. mike g Says:

    I followed the link to CSPT and I read an article about how General Electric pays no taxes. What appears in the comments? A diatribe against wealth redistribution. Thanks! You reminded me again why these guys have no business in government.